7 1/2 Weeks of Collaborative Curiosity: The Course Schedule

We’ve been working on the course schedule – trying to make sure that we provide a broad treatment of community-engaged research (CEnR) and balance the content across the 7 1/2 weeks. We’ve incorporated the feedback of several people already, and now we’d like to hear from you.

Does this sound like a course you want to take? What would you like to see kept, shifted, focused on, never talked about? What do you want to learn?

First, you may want to review the course description and learning goals.

WEEK ONE May 18-24: Origins and Principles of Community-Engaged Research

  • Research in the academic and community contexts
  • The whyrecite-1hgy0zp
  • Origins of CEnR
  • Principles of CEnR
  • Case examples of CEnR
  • How CEnR fits into your research interests

WEEK TWO May 25-31: Perspectives and Ethical Considerations

  • Concepts, new theories and theoretical roots
  • Power dynamics and social justice
  • Ethical and human subjects considerations

WEEK THREE June 1-7: Designing Community-Engaged Research

  • Spectrum of CEnR
  • CEnR in various disciplines and across areas of interest
  • International perspectives on CEnR
  • Cultural considerations – ethnicity

WEEK FOUR June 8-14: Building and Maintaining Collaborative Relationships

  • Creating a research team
  • Selecting issues, asking good questions
  • Qualities of strong partnerships
  • Cultural considerations – professional

WEEK FIVE June 15-21: CEnR Methods

  • Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)
  • Participatory Action Research (PAR)

WEEK SIX June 22-28: Techniques for CEnR Data Collection and Analysis

  • Photovoice
  • Datapalooza
  • Autoethnography
  • Data Visualization

WEEK SEVEN June 29-July 5: Dissemination and Translation of Findings

  • Best practices in dissemination
  • Alternative dissemination platforms
  • Role of CEnR in advocacy and social change

WEEK EIGHT July 6-July 8: Bringing It All Together

  • Next steps





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