Can’t Anagram It but Can Review It – FAQs: CEnR and VCU IRB

So many letters, it just begs for an anagram. But alas, I couldn’t come up with one, and neither could The Anagrammer. But words are important, as are questions and answers. So, here is my question to you about the answers we developed and the words we used.

How do we make this better?

Here is a bit of background. In 2014, Virginia Commonwealth University Division of Community Engagement (DCE), Center for Clinical And Translational Research (CCTR) and Office of Research and Innovation developed Frequently Asked Questions: Community-Engaged Research (CEnR) and VCU’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). We made it into a PDF so we could put it VCU’s Scholars Compass, an open publishing platform so other webpages can link to it (important for document version control).

It has been a year and could use some updating. We would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to comment here or to blog about it and link your blog post in the comment section.

Here are some specific questions we have about it, but please don’t limit yourself to these.

  • Does this FAQ ask the important questions for both community- and VCU-based researchers? If not, what questions/answers need to be included?
  • Does this FAQ answer questions in ways that are helpful? If not, how do you suggest we change it so it does?
  • Do we need to have separate FAQs for community- and VCU-based researchers?
  • Is the language we use respectful and supportive of research partners and partnerships? If not, where and how do we need to make changes?

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.




4 thoughts on “Can’t Anagram It but Can Review It – FAQs: CEnR and VCU IRB

  1. From a faculty/researcher’s perspective, I think this document is fantastic, and I know I’ll be referring to it often. I am particularly excited about the creation of a CRB and I appreciate the useful citations of CEnR models, definitions, etc.

    But I think there should be a document made separate from this specifically targeted to the community partners – a sort of executive summary/reference guide that we can easily distribute to orgs/folks interested in working with VCU faculty in CEnR. I know that during CEI15 there were lots of discussions from the partners’ end on what sort of information that would like to see from us, and perhaps the Division of CE can reach out to current partners to figure out what sort of info they wished they had known/would like to know for research projects.

  2. We were wondering if we should have a separate one for community-based researchers. For the sake of time, we may draft one up and then send out for comment/review. Also it is for the sake of resources – we have someone working with us for another couple of weeks 🙂

  3. This document is super-informative for a doc student exploring the possibilities of community-engaged research! I’ll have the definitions in hand when approaching my community partners, and will use the citations for further reading.

  4. This document is perfect for someone like me who wants information fast! The format was crisp and I liked the use of questions because I could answer them in my head and quickly review sections I needed more information.

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