Manic Monday (It’s the FunDay)

CMST 691:Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research starts on Monday. Tomorrow. Since this is the second time we are offering the course there is a part of me that feels like we got this. And then there is the other part of me that thinks about the broken and incorrect links (from when we archived the last course site), remembers assignments that haven’t been updated, and wonders about what we have forgotten. And as I start to get lost in all of that, I remember that this approach to learning and research, this collaborative curiosity, isn’t about “the sage on the stage” or the academic researcher with all the answers. It is about the power of the connections that we make for ourselves and we make through our connections with each other.

Monday it all begins. Introduce yourselves over Twitter, take risks, be authentic, support each other through commenting on blog posts. Make connections. It will be a busy 8 weeks – enjoy all of it. Let every day be your FunDay.

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