Clin Ed I

Part 1: What were the primary things that you discovered during the virtual simulated activities? What were your identified strengths and weaknesses? I discovered that I do feel comfortable engaging and interacting with my peers in a clinical setting, and also engaging patients, which is something that we had not gotten to experience fully until… Continue reading Clin Ed I


This piece of art really made me think of a pain experience for a few different reasons. The expression on the woman’s face really screams pain to me, and I think the color red outlining the woman’s body emphasizes this even more. When I got into interpreting the piece, I began to think about the… Continue reading ~pain~

Personal Statement

I am a first year DPT student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2019 with a B.S. in Kinesiology, and in 2021 with a M.S. in Athletic Training. I received my certification and licensure later that year. My interest in the healthcare begin after a series of broken bones… Continue reading Personal Statement

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