This piece of art really made me think of a pain experience for a few different reasons. The expression on the woman’s face really screams pain to me, and I think the color red outlining the woman’s body emphasizes this even more. When I got into interpreting the piece, I began to think about the splotches of red that go across her body. The one that covers her mouth was the most intriguing to me, because it made me think that the woman is being silenced from expressing her pain. This thoughts is striking, because it is certainly a lived experience for many. I think this leads into thoughts about how to be an open and safe sounding board for those that we interact with, no matter what, because we will not always know if they feel like they are able to express the pain that they are feeling.

How did you interpret the slashes of red that cross the woman’s body?


  1. Collin, I think your analysis of the piece is well done; as future PT’s it is vital that we always trust and listen to our patients when they discuss their experience of pain. The red slashes make me think of pain coursing through a patient’s body, while the red over the mouth could represent people misinterpreting the patient’s pain.

  2. Collin I really like your interpretation of the red slash covering her mouth silencing her. I believe many feel that way with pain.I believe the red slashes show how pain is overpowering her and slowly she looses herself in it.

  3. This was a very thoughtful analysis. I agree that the streak of red seemingly covering her mouth as she tries to scream is an intriguing choice that the artist made. It also seems as if she is fading into the red background, like her pain and suffering is slowly eroding her experience as a human. This was a very good selection for the virtual gallery.

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