CMST 691: Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research


CMST 691: Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research was a VCU-sponsored connected learning course designed to give everyone an opportunity to learn alongside each other:  students, faculty and community members from VCU, Richmond and around the globe.  This course was designed for everyone, and was OPEN and FREE to everyone.  Participation in this course occurred through blogging, tweeting, Diigo and other connected learning tools.

We explored how CEnR is an approach to research that values the expertise of diverse stakeholders. We learned how to identify these talented partners and involve them in designing and conducting good research. We uncovered the ideas and techniques of CEnR together through connected learning and social media. We demonstrated that connected learning – like CEnR – promotes genuine engagement in learning and research through openness and collaborative curiosity.

VCU is not offering the course as a synchronous learning opportunity at this time.  Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research was offered Summer 2015 and 2016.  We encourage you to use the content of this course as you learn and teach about CEnR and collaborative curiosity.

  • We encourage learners to browse the Learning Modules found under Course Content – there are readings, videos, and learning activities.
  • We encourage instructors to use the course material. Course Content includes the syllabus,  a description of the learning activities, the CEnR grant proposal assignment, blog assignments, prompts for the creative makes, and suggested assessments.
  • To connect on Twitter, use #CuriousCoLab. The Tags Explorer shows the connections of all those using #CuriousCoLab.


Want to learn more about the course? Read the article by the VCU Spectrum, watch 2015’s thank you and blooper video, check out Journey in Collaborative Curiosity, and explore this course website.


You are someone who seeks answers to important questions.

You look to collaborate with others to find answers and develop solutions.

You know that expertise is found everywhere in our communities. You see partnerships as a powerful strategy to accomplish good work.

And you want to understand how research can have a real world impact.

You are interested in learning more about community-engaged research. CEnR.


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