Joining in on #digciz discussion- On May 31 I posted an article on the Tutor/Mentor blog about a Digital Citizenship conversation that would be taking place throughout June, using the hashtag #digciz.  In the weeks since then my #clmooc friend, Terry Elliott has written a series of articles questioning the hospitality of the #digciz group, and others like it. This […]Read More
Loss of Flash Animation – Disaster for Small Innovators- I began to post a new article on this blog today, drawing from an article I posted many years ago on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC blog. If you’ve read some these articles you’ll see that I embed many visualizations on the site, some of which were created by interns from South Korea, Hong Kong and India who came […]Read More
Learning from #trump. Do it better.- A lot of people throughout the world had no idea Trump would win Tuesday’s election, although I did have some pretty strong concerns.  I think there will be a load of articles that review his social media strategy and how he “framed the narrative”. I’ve been part of some on-line learning communities for the past few […]Read More
A Post-IT Post- A post-IT post before I leave Newark. During my  panel presentation at #WCET16 this AM, I heard some colleagues slip into tech-first talk, despite the fact I had been espousing a pedagogy-first perspective (and they had been nodding vigorously) for almost an hour. To make matters worse, some of them would start sentences with pedagogy and... Read More
Impact Tree- This last visualization is supposed to represent the impact I believe math@theplayground will have.  Thanks to slightly modified js code from Andrew Hoyer and Mootools, I thought this interactive fractal tree would be a cool way to visualize it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to embed my webpage into this post, so please click … Continue reading Impact Tree Read More
Research Proposal Synthesis: Concept Paper- Introduction Assessments are an integral part of the K-12 education world. They provide teachers, students, parents, and administrators with information on how students are learning. Nearly two decades ago, a revision to the elementary and secondary education act was implemented. Called No Child Left Behind, the law  that transformed the role of assessments in teaching and […]… Read More
math@theplayground Concept Paper- Introduction VCUMIR is an organization with a long history of investing in community engaged research projects in health and education that have shown lasting beneficial outcomes for the communities the projects serve. The project outlined in this proposal is designed to help address the issue of equity in, and access to, elementary mathematics education.  math@theplayground … Continue reading math@theplayground Concept Paper Read More
SLIFE Teachers Project: Concept Paper- Introduction Virginia Commonwealth University’s Quest for Distinction  mission statements asserts the university’s commitments to “addressing disparities wherever they exist,” and to forging university-community partnerships that enhance the educational  vitality of the communities VCU serves in Virginia. One such disparity that has recently presented itself at VCU’s doorstep is a subset of the English Language Learner … Continue reading SLIFE Teachers Project: Concept Paper Read More
Evaluation of the VCU Research Dissemination Guide- Evaluation of the VCU Research Dissemination Guide Overall Appearance The layout of the website is crisp and allows for easy navigation. Great use of links in the various sections of the website Background I appreciate the short blurb about the guide’s development and the individuals involved in the project. I also liked how CEnR was… Read MoreRead More
Reflection of CEnR and Next Steps- Today marks the last day of the CEnR course through VCU. The past four weeks have been intense and rewarding, as I had to learn new platforms (Twitter and Ram Pages), engage in readings and blogs, and respond to my classmates AWESOME project proposals all while trying to work full time, lead three DP psychology… Read MoreRead More
Concept Paper- Working Towards Educational Equity – Starting with Quality Teacher Professional Development Introduction The International Baccalaureate Organization works with the global community (governments, universities, schools, teachers, and schools) in developing policies, programmes, and assessments aimed at providing students a unique academic experience educating the whole child. The IB’s mission statement emphasizes the importance of developing “inquiring,… Read MoreRead More
Concept Paper- This, the 24th post documenting my Collaborative Curiosity journey marks the culmination of my CEnR thinking thus far. It’s the end of the course, but it’s the beginning of a world of potential for community-engaged efforts with (not on) the YWCA and the Children’s Museum of Richmond. While the previous 23 posts will provide much insight… Read More Concept PaperRead More
Concept: Empowering New Teachers as Experts- Accessing and Activating the Expertise of New Teachers to Improve Confidence and Efficacy and to Reduce Turnover Introduction VCUMIR has a reputation for supporting innovative practices in teacher education and preparation.  For example, there is an ongoing project being funded by this agency that is developing an induction program in area schools to implement improved … Continue reading Concept: Empowering New Teachers as Experts Read More
CEnR Impact Haiku’s- This week I decided to develop a Haiku, which turned into three. A Haiku is so much better with a picture, so I went to my favorite sites, and pixabay to create this CEnR Impact Haiku Poster. Within each Haiku there is a reference to community, our students, and an end goal of education equity, which… Read MoreRead More
It’s gonna be messy- A couple of years ago, in our teacher advisory groups at the middle school where I teach, we got the year started with some team building exercises.  This one–using rubber bands and string to stack plastic cups in a pyramid–relied on the students working together toward a common goal and communicating constantly. Thinking about a … Continue reading It’s gonna be messy Read More
Impact- A sweet song for children and adults alike about they joys of curiosity, learning, and doing the impossible. That’s the takeaway message I aspire to for the Sprout School research and evaluation project. Here are the lyrics.… Read More
Seamless Decision-Making- This image represents the impact I hope to see in the mindsets and decision-making processes regarding the educational goals of English language learners. Everyone involved…… Read More
Networking is Not Just a Digital Practice (And Other Reflections of a Connected Learning Coach)- With Collaborative Curiosity beginning its final week, it’s time for all of us to reflect on the emergent nature of the course, community, and learning that took place.  As the connected learning coach, I spent much of my time trying to figure out what it meant to be a connected learning coach. I formalized those […]Read More
Dissemination Plan- Clearly identify a target audience. (e.g. policy makers, community members, research participants, service providers, etc.). Your target audience may not be academic researchers. Generally, the findings from math@theplayground will be targeted to two different audiences.  The following write-up about these audiences and their interests would be much better served if/when it is possible to speak … Continue reading Dissemination Plan Read More
Dissemination Plan- Looking into the future… Our community-based research endeavor is well underway. We’ve got some findings. We know that people will care about those findings. Aside from arming preschoolers with plastic, yellow megaphones (they would LOVE this), how can and should we meaningfully spread the word? As I learned from Adam Caldwell through this week’s Collaborative… Read More Dissemination PlanRead More
A Community Haiku- This video is meant to represent a framework, which is brought to life by members of a community. … Read More
Creative Make: Picturing CEnR- For this week’s creative make, I worked on an idea that came up during the #curiouscolab twitter discussion. In a conversation between @AnitaVCU and @googleguacamole I kinda dug myself into creating a visual. 🙂 @CuriousCoLab #curiouscolab Lack of access to certain dissemination methods means finding alternatives. — Anita Crowder (@AnitaVCU) July 7, 2016 @GoogleGuacamole interesting. […]… Read More
Circular Dissemination- Initial Target Audience = participant research team As the research team of new (years 1-5) teachers develops its research questions and interview protocols, conducts interviews and observations, gathers and analyzes data, designs and implements support interventions, and begins to evaluate the efficacy of the solutions, they will need dissemination mechanisms that are dynamic and real-time.  … Continue reading Circular Dissemination Read More
Intellection: Dissemination Plan Summary- My research product is a website that provides clear and accurate information on the meaning and purpose of high stakes testing as applicable to elementary level students in Virginia. The website will be a result of a collaborative research effort led by parents of elementary school children and academic researchers. It serves as a platform to disseminate […]… Read More
Why (Not?) Consolidate Your Digital Presence- Not long ago my eportfolio was called Laura Gogia: Reigning in the Digital Sprawl (Clarifying point: you are reading a post on my blog right now, not my e-portfolio). My e-portfolio isn’t called that anymore in part because I change the purpose, organization, and appearances of my websites – including this one – fairly regularly.*  However, when the […]Read More
Reflecting on my Proposed CEnR- Image credit: geralt via, CC0 Sherraden (2000) guides us to “ask questions well” so that we may find out what is both true and useful. In this post, I assume the role of a VCUMIR Foundation program officer and use Sherraden’s guidelines (plus one) to reflect upon the 7 research questions guiding my proposed community-engaged… Read More Reflecting on my Proposed CEnRRead More
Dissemination Plan- Research Dissemination Plan for Community Engaged Research Project Working towards Education Equity: Collaborating with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization, IB Educators, and IB Teachers in the Identification, Development, and Dissemination of Quality Professional Development Resources & Services Jamie Schlais-Barnes, M.Psy International Education Consultant Doctoral Student at Virginia Commonwealth University Evaluation Specialist at Chesterfield County Public… Read MoreRead More
SLIFE: Dissemination Plan- Brief Overview of Project The SLIFE Project proposes to organize a Professional Learning Committee (PLC) of secondary ESOL teachers within the school district to meet monthly or bimonthly for self-directed professional development (PD), to give teachers the opportunity to communicate and collaborate across the district. Teachers have identified a need for deeper understanding of  SLIFE, … Continue reading SLIFE: Dissemination Plan Read More
Research Overview – Reflection of Initial Research Question- Research Overview – Reflection of Initial Research Question An earlier blog post provided an overview of the research topic investigating the quality of the International Baccalaureate (IB) professional development (PD) learning engagements in the Psychology workshops. The original research question was “to what extent do IB psychology teachers, located globally, find the online and face-to-face workshops helpful… Read MoreRead More
Research Proposal: Questions Revisited- As a reviewer for VCUMIR Foundation, I used Sherraden’s (2000) ten criteria to evaluate the research questions that are part of this research proposal for a community engaged project (CEnR). An eleventh criterion from VCUMIR’s has been added to examine the proposal’s use of CEnR best practices. The evaluation of the questions for each criterion is guided by […]… Read More

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