Developing a new course is always fun and takes a lot of work. Developing a connected learning course is even more fun and more work. The #CuriousCoLab team members brought their many talents to develop learning activities, manage logistics and address technical issues.


Valerie Holton, PhD, LCSW was the primary instructor. Contact her through Twitter at @ValerieHolton.


Tessa McKenzie, MPH was one of the instructors. Contact her through Twitter at @TessaMcK_


Laura Gogia, MD, PhD supported the course development and its assessment. She also served as the connected learning coach, meaning that she acted as a resource and offered feedback on how to express oneself digitally. Contact her through Twitter at @GoogleGuacamole


Jennifer Jettner, PhD provided technical assistance, including some of the website design and managing the sign-ups.  Contact her through Twitter at  @JenniferJettner


Jennifer Early, RN, MSHA, BSN  provided general support, including participating in Twitter conversations and design of infographics. She was involved in the course both times it was offered and supporting the evergreening of the site and its content. Contact her through Twitter at  @jenniferlearly


Meghan Resler, MSW developed the branding and visual representation of the course. Contact her through Twitter at  @meghanaisling








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