The Twitter APGAR is a  simple self-assessment for student readiness in online course discussions, developed by Dr. Gardner Campbell, an online educator, innovator, and advocate. It is based on the APGAR score – a quick yet accurate measuring tool that nurses and doctors use to assess an infant’s condition at 1 and 5 minutes of life.

Prior to participating in #CuriousCoLab Twitter discussions, we asked participants to evaluate their own readiness by completing Dr. Campbell’s APGAR assessment (found below).

Things you need to know:

  • Submitting an APGAR self-assessment form (below) is REQUIRED EACH TIME YOU PARTICIPATE in a #CuriousCoLab Twitter discussion. Your name and twitter handle are required on this form because we are using it to document attendance during the discussion session. If you want to get credit for being in a discussion session, you need to submit a form prior to participating. If you are a not a credit-earning student but are participating in the discussions, you can still submit an APGAR form – the instructors know who’s who.
  • Your actual APGAR scores are NOT part of your course grade. We all have busy weeks. We all have the occasional course reading that doesn’t resonate or that we find difficult to finish for whatever reason. It’s ok if your score isn’t perfect every week. The idea of the APGAR is to help you reflect on your own performance and think about what you might do differently the next time around, if anything. Sometimes the instructor might show the class APGAR scores in aggregate (and anonymously) so that the community can reflect on whether group preparation levels are high enough to stimulate useful discussions. But otherwise, your personal APGARS are for you, to help you assess your own learning.

Twitter APGAR Form

Gardner Campbell's Self-Assessment Tool for Preparation for Online Course Discussions. Complete form EACH WEEK to receive credit for attending the Twitter discussion. Individual scores do not impact your course grade, so dishonesty only hurts your ability to use this tool to assess your own performance.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • 0 = No1 = Yes, but not thoroughly2 = Yes, thoroughly
  • 0 = No1 = Yes, one item2 = Yes, more than one item
  • 0 = No1 = Yes, one question/comment2 = Yes, more than one question/comment
  • 0 = No1 = Yes, one person2 = Yes, more than one person
  • 0 = None to 29 minutes1 = Thirty minutes to an hour2 = Over an hour

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