The Community Greening Project is group of community organizations working to reduce stormwater pollution in the City of Richmond. The project team includes members from Virginia Commonwealth University, the City of Richmond, and Armstrong High School. By working together with the community we can achieve cleaner water for Richmond. 




What is stormwater?

Stormwater is runoff from rain or snow that cannot be absorbed by impervious surfaces like driveways, parking lots, roads, sidewalks, and roofs. As stormwater passes over such surfaces, it picks up dirt, trash, oil, grease, pesticides, fertilizers, and pet waste. Stormwater collects in storm drains and flows into Richmond’s waterways. The Community Greening Project is about managing stormwater runoff to decrease the amount of pollutants in our water. 

- Courtesy of Richmond DPU/Stormwater


Stormwater and Richmond

Stormwater in Richmond impacts the James River, a historical natural resource where many people enjoy hiking, fishing, and swimming. 

Stormwater is bad for people and the environment. Fish and water can become polluted by stormwater, sometimes making people sick when they swim or eat fish they catch in the James River. Stormwater pollution can also make the river unhealthy for plants and animals that depend on the James River for habitat. 



Community feedback is critical to the Community Greening Project as we develop our Community Greening Plan. To learn more about our project area, visit our Project Area page. To participate in our community greening survey and tell us where you see issues with stormwater in your community, click the button bellow.





Courtesy of Richmond DPU/Stormwater