Realsense IR depth camera library

Hello! I am very stuck on trying to get this code to run:

it says that I need to have the library installed. I think that the library it is referring to is this one:

However I cannot for the life of me figure out which files/files of the library to put where. What I have right now is the org.realsense folder from ...\librealsense-master\wrappers\java\src\main\java and put it in my libraries folder. I have no idea if this is right or not though. I have restarted and it still says that the library is not properly installed. Any help whatsoever would be amazing. Thanks so much!!

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Is it possible to build an entire motion graphics application in Processing?

Is it possible to make a standalone desktop application in Processing and/or any of the examples or add-ons with an export function and have it run like a regular app without actually having to download the Processing IDE?

Would I be able to make a program similar to after effects but on a smaller scale?

Would the GUI be coded in Processing as well?

Would I need to know any other languages like Python or C to build it?

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