“Mirage” : soirée de sortie de résidence au 6B (timelapse)

Après des mois de préparation, une campagne de crowdfunding couronnée de succès et plusieurs semaines de travail acharné, le collectif L:ED a présenté pour la première fois sa nouvelle installation interactive : "Mirage". Cette soirée a eu lieu le 30 janvier dernier.

Ce timelapse vous donnera un aperçu de la soirée... et de cette fin de résidence.

Pour en savoir plus sur Mirage: l-experiments-digital.com/portfolios/mirage/

Vous pourrez y retrouver d'autres vidéos, qui donnent une idée plus précise de l'atmosphère audio et vidéo.

L'ensemble du collectif remercie les participants, les contributeurs qui ont rendu ce projet possible ainsi que le soutien du 6B.

Cast: Dorianne Wotton and Gêhïks Exomène

Tags: mirage, VJ, processing, generative, kinect, millumin, installation, interactive, soundscape and digital

Radius: “Millionth” by James Chinneck

Radius Episode 60: Millionth by James Chinneck :: Duel-Site Broadcast: And Sometimes Gravity, Adds Donna, 88.9-FM, Chicago, US :: February 1, 2015, 1:00 - 4:00 pm (CST) + radioCONA: Zima FM, 88.8MHz, Ljubljana, Slovenia :: February 19, 2015, 7:00 pm (CET).

Millionth was constructed by simply using a telephone and audio recording equipment. James Chinneck systematically recorded individuals saying the word “hello” when they first answered their telephone. Chinneck charted his telephonic journeys through 227 different countries, working on condensing the world’s population at a ratio of 1:1000000 to generate a total of 6348 people. Each individual “hello” has been edited into a sequence, which includes every country in descending order of population size, one after the other, resulting in a 43 minute audio track.

James Chinneck was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1973. He currently lives and works in West Yorkshire, England. He studied at Leeds Metropolitan University. His most recent work Tueri Terram has been shown at Tate Britain, London (2014), and solo exhibitions include Wish You Were Here?, Leeds City Art Gallery (West Yorkshire, England, 1997); Americanenglish, Joseph Gross Gallery (Tucson, Arizona USA, 1999); Rice Fall, Sculpture Space (Utica, New York, 2000); and Trust Me I’m An Artist, Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, (West Yorkshire, 2003).

Resources for 2D generative art?

Hi! I've got a bit of experience with cfdg and I'd love to create 2d visuals using patterns / recursion / randomness, just like with cfdg, similar to art shown at http://complexification.net/ with processing.

I now feel a bit limited with cfdg, so I'd love to make the switch to processing.

Things like the watercolor effect or various brushshapes are new to me (shown at complexification). Where could I learn more about that? I've got a programming background, so source code would be fine.

I unfortunately can’t watch most of the examples at openprocessing, due to the disabled java-plugin.

Is there a community specifically for 2d generative art with processing?

(I’m not really interested in animated visualisations or 3d)

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A little something

int sC = 0; //Shape Colour fill int deg; //Degree of square void setup() ///Initial setup { size(1080, 720, P3D); background(255); smooth(); //noStroke(); rectMode(CENTER); } void draw() //Main loop { spin(); } void spin() //Main function { fill(sC); pushMatrix(); translate(mouseX, mouseY); rotateZ(radians(deg)); rect(0, 0, 100, 100); popMatrix(); deg = deg + 1; //Colour Change if (sC < 255) { sC = sC + 1; } else { sC = 0; } } 
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