Life is an Adventure (trailer) – DTT //Processing//Music Visualization//Twitter

Twitter integrated music video using processing.
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The track uses a quote of Patti Smith's "Life is an adventure of our own design. Intercepted by fate. In series of lucky and unlucky accidents".

So I saw peoples tweets floating in every moment, second. Some of them are happy and full of life, in the same time some of them are sad, miserable... I wondered if I could make a code to connect those random tweets using numbers of characters, numbers of followers with music and geometrical images that you can possibly contribute to the design using your own single click. Every time you watch it, what you see will be different.

At this moment, I use keyword searches using 3 words, "Life","Lucky" and "Unlucky" plus hushtag "#DTTLIA". Anyone who has a twitter account, please tweet using #DTTLIA to contribute your moment in life.

Cast: Tomoko Matsumoto

Tags: music video, data visualization, processing, DTT, clinker, twitter, Patti Smith, interactive, life is an adventure and programing

I have spent countless hours making a sketch that uses the jMyron library only to find out that jMyron can’t be exported, any suggestions?[pretty bummed]

From what I've been able to find, we can't export sketches that use the jMyron library, which means that in order to share my program with the layman i have to convince them to download a Processing IDE, and install a bunch of libraries just to try my program out. Can anyone think of any way to make this simpler? btw, it is a midi controller that is operated by a camera watching a juggler's juggling pattern.

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Calling a method in draw() makes it go completely bonkers, while in setup() it’s fine, can anyone please help?

This is literally my first time ever doing anything with processing, so I'm struggling quite hard, any help would be very much appreciated.

For an assignment for school, I have to draw a background setting and also a character of my choice separately. I have to put them into "methods" (functions?) and call them respectively from draw() to create a a proper picture with 8 animated characters and a setting.

The issue I'm currently having is that whenever I call my scene method in draw(), everything goes haywire, as shown here.

The issue goes away when I call it in setup(), as shown here. However, since the character's animation is bound to the movement of mouseY and mouseX, the characters do not animate at all, as if the inputs of mouseY and X aren't being fed into the character method.

I believe the reason why the character isn't being animated is because draw() is considered a loop, allowing me to send in continuous mouse pointer positions, while setup() only executes its commands once. However I have no idea as to why the scene method completely glitches out when I call it in draw().

I have attempted to isolate the two methods by calling the scene method in setup() and character method in draw(), but the animation of the character glitches and duplicates itself infinitely into the background, and I can't set a background either or it will block out my entire background scene.

My code can be found here:

Thanks in advance for the help!

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