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Android game built with processing

Play Store Link

hi guys, i've built an android game and put it on the play store . I think it should run ok on most phones/tablets but not really suitable for TVs and things that use pointing devices.

To create it I used the processing library in eclipse. The entire app runs from one PApplet "Activity" so all elements on the screen are rendered using processing and user input is done with processing's mouse functions (i.e: mouseDragged(), mouseReleased() etc).

For leaderboards I used Swarm Connect (free service) as I found Google Play's game services to be a bit of a handful when trying to integrate it.

I initially built the game on a fairly small screen and then used processing's displayWidth and displayHeight variables to resize elements on the screen to (hopefully) work on most other screen sizes. I did this by basically running all dimensions through a simple function like:

float defaultScreenWidth = 480; public float getWidthForScreen(dimensionWidth){ return (dimensionWidth/defaultScreenWidth)*displayWidth } 

Screenshot Screenshot 2

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MINIM – How do i set AudioInput as my playback device, and not my default recording device?

I am tinkering around with some audio processing with the minim library, and came accross this example online. it works great and is very similar to what i want to do.

HOWEVER, the audioinput is taken from the microphone of my computer, and i want it to be taken from my playback device so i can analyse the audio my computer is making.

Any ideas on how to do this? I do not want to just stick a mic next to my speakers and call is good.

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Going through the learn processing book – not sure where my ‘applet’ is?

note - I'm using Ubuntu 14.

I've made the little alien zook thing and saved that as learnProcessing

So that's not in a directory, that's in the sketchbook directory in my home folder.

If I do tree | grep applet I get the following :

vco@geoHP:~/sketchbook$ tree | grep applet │ │ │ │ ├── applet 

But I have no idea where that actually is, other than it's 5 directories deep.

Wheres this thing meant to go?


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