The Live Tweeted Defense

My dissertation was successfully defended on February 12, 2016 and the full, finalized report can be read here. I blogged prior to and immediately after the experience in an effort to capture my personal perspective of the event. I asked Dr. Lee Skallerup Bessette and Dr. Valerie Holton to attend so that they might live tweet the defense with the hashtag #gogodoc.


“First of all, thank you so much for coming today and welcome. Thank you to Jon Becker and the rest of my committee for providing me with guidance and feedback along the way. I want to extend a special welcome and thank you to Dr. Lee Skallerup Bessette. Lee drove down from Mary Washington University to be here today, not only to offer moral support but also to live tweet my defense. I asked her to do this because many of the people who inspire me and with whom I collaborate live all over the world and we come together through Twitter. Lee is here to help bring those people into this room, and I can’t think of a better, more skilled live tweeter to do it. Feel free to join her if you see something you would like to share or comment on – our hashtag is #gogodoc, which I did not make up – it was suggested by one of my other twitter followers (@injenuity) earlier this week and I thought it was kind of catchy…”

The decision to live tweet my dissertation stimulated an article written by Dr. Maha Bali for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Defense Presentation:


The Storified Twitter Feed (#gogodoc): 

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