You’ve been cast in Fairview! As an actor, you must interpret your character,  and then learn live and breathe as that fictional person. Some actors assemble scrapbooks of their characters, as if they were real people. This week, I have assigned you to characters, using the arbitrary criterion of your surname:

  • Beverly: Adams – Breedlove
  • Dayton: Bruno – Curtis
  • Jasmine: de la Pointe – Gittelsohn
  • Keisha: Gonzalez – Horvath
  • Mack: Jimenez – Marks
  • Suze: Mazyck – Rebraca
  • Bets: Smith – Thompson
  • Jimbo: Trosper – Zerbst

Your task is to imagine your character’s Instagram, which is a social media platform organized around photo sharing. (For example, here’s Jackie Sibblies Drury’s.) For your post, describe your character’s three most recent posts; then name three accounts they’re most proud of following and three they don’t follow but stalk on Instagram. Does anyone verified (i.e., a notable person) follow them?

In addition, what’s on this person’s driver’s license (full name, sex, eyes, height, date of birth — i.e., the barest details by which they are recognized and classified by the state)?

Most importantly, what in the text leads you to these conclusions? Your reading responses are due at noon, Wednesday, January 22. Keep up the spectacular work!

21 thoughts on “characteristics

  1. Gonzalez-Horvath (Keisha)

    Keisha’s Instagram Photos

    Keisha would definitely have a photo of her with her varsity team/s in their jersey’s. On page 16 she tells Aunt Jasmine about her many activities. “Six honors or AP classes every year, three varsity sports, choir, debate, yearbook, shall I go on?”

    Keisha may have posted a photo of her performing choir on stage for a competition.

    Keisha may love to keep a photo of her with her Aunt Jasmine from a recent family gathering, because of how close they are.
    Who Keisha is most proud of following

    Keisha would be proud of following her Aunt Jasmine, as they are very close.
    Keisha would also value following her friend Erika
    Another person Keisha would be proud of following could be a friend she made through yearbook
    Who Keisha stalks but doesn’t follow

    Keisha would stalk her mother, Beverly, but not follow her. She would be too worried about Beverly’s controlling and frantic nature.
    Jaden would be on the list, because according to her he is “stupid as hell” page 15
    Tanya would be on the list, because Keisha wants to know about Tanya’s relationship/s, and why she arrives late to practices.
    Verified Follower

    A notable person (verified) who may follow Keisha would be a famous athlete. By playing three varsity sports, she has probably run into a famous athlete. Perhaps she even played a sport with him or her before they became famous.
    Keisha’s Driver’s License

    Keisha is 18 in the story since she is discussing having a gap year before college, indicating she is a senior in high school. On page 16 she talks about a gap year with Aunt Jasmine. Keisha: “Will you please talk to my mom about me taking a year off before college?”

    Jackie Sibblies Drury wrote the play Fairview in 2018. Since Keisha is 18 years old, Keisha’s birth date on her license should list the year 2000, making her a millennial.

    Keisha’s full name on her driver’s license would most likely be Keisha Frasier. The children of a family usually take on the last name of their father, however Dayton’s last name isn’t mentioned in act one.

    Keisha’s sex: female, her eye color isn’t mentioned in Act One. Possibly Brown or Hazel. Her height isn’t mentioned either, but it could be somewhere between 5’5 to 5’7.

  2. Jimbo’s most recent instagram post is a selfie of him at the gym, flexing his small biceps, with the following hashtags: #gymrat, #beastmode, #dedication. His second and third most recent instagram pictures are also selfies. One with him and his friends holding skateboards above their heads next to a no skating sign, and another one of a mirror selfie of him in his bathroom room. From act two the most obvious characterizations we can gather about Jimbo are that he’s annoying, and he can be intense. These characterizations are obvious because of the way he responds/harasses Bets’ reaction to his question(s). His intensity is also demonstrated at the end of the scene with his use of language and the capitalization of the words.
    For the first instagram picture I chose for it to be a gym selfie but, moreover, included he is flexing, “his small biceps,” to represent Jimbo’s attitude and the way his dialogue portrays him as conceded even though there’s not much there. For all of his pictures I chose for them to be selfies because an annoying person on instagram only posts selfies. The second selfie is of him being rebellious and showing it off. This alludes to pages 34-35 when he said he would be a “rebellious Asian.” The third most recent picture is just a basic mirror selfie because Jimbo is a normie, he doesn’t really stand for anything and just follows pop culture. This is portrayed in act two through his question, “If you could be any race what would it be?” He thinks his question is original, and that some how because he asked it he’s a sophisticated thinker.
    No one verified follows his because he’s not a notable person. He doesn’t follow but stalks Kylie Jenner’s, the Kpop group BLACKPINK, and Iggy Azalea’s instagrams. He is most proud of following Drake, Lebron James, and Kevin Hart. I chose for him to stalk the people he stalks because, other than BLACKPINK, they have been culturally insensitive, like his question and over all he is. I chose BLACKPINK because they are asian and he said if he could be any race he’d be asian. He follows the people that he follows because they are popular. Drake specifically because he’s a fake artist, and Kevin Hart specifically because he’s annoying.
    On his drivers license Jimbo Raymond Cornelius is a male, 5’11, with brown eyes, and brown hair. I chose Cornelius because it sounds like a pompous name. He is 5’11 because he would probably claim to be 6 feet tall when he’s not. Finally he has brown eyes and brown hair because, again, he’s not notable in any sense except for the fact that he’s obnoxious.

  3. Instagram page: Bets
    Doug Betts (@MaximumBets)
    In his three most recent posts, Bets hasn’t actually posted any photos of himself- in fact, he actually rarely posts photos at all- he instead primarily posts memes he steals from the few 4chan boards he follows (/k/, /int/, /pol/) that just barely ride the line of being probably racist, but in a bit of a dog-whistley, college-republican type way, primarily by being so damned insular that hardly anyone not irony-poisoned can’t understand what’s happening. If interrogated on this topic, Bets will vehemently deny that his lack of posting pictures of himself is about insecurity, rather that he is very convinced his followers follow him as a “meme page, and wouldn’t want to see selfies.”

    Bets follows almost nobody on instagram, other than Jimbo, the BBC (“the only *trustworthy* news source, unlike biased *American* media, you see”), and weirdly enough, Anthony Fantano. However, Bets stalks a *lot* of pages, mostly ones that would be awkward if people knew he followed them, like pages of historical memes that primarily boil down to the second world war, or “communism=no food,” and several that deal with Lithuanian memes (Bets very strongly identifies himself with Lithuania, despite really having almost no heritage or connection there, rather, he desperately wants to not “just” be American). Barely anyone follows Bets back, other than a few of his friends (which weirdly enough he *doesn’t* follow back) and a few complete randos that follow him for his reposted memes.

    Bets’s drivers license reads Douglas Herman Betts, Male, 5’8″, Hair: Black, Eyes: Green.

  4. Bets Driver’s License
    Full Name: Betsy Kazan
    Sex: Female
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5’4”
    For Bets I decided that her full name would be Betsy, and Bets would be a nickname. I then looked up the origins of Betsy found that it was of Greek, Hebrew, and English decent. Made an executive decision and decided that she was Greek, she says, “A Slav. It is the same in English, no?” meaning that her first language is not in fact English. She also says, “Americans are obsessed with race.” which implies she is not American herself. As for the last name, I looked up common Greek last names and picked one. The hair color and eye color are the same as the original actress who played the part, Natalia Payne. The height I don’t have a contextual reason for.

    As for Bets Instagram I believe she would have a picture of her friends with the caption: “If you could be any race what would you be?” Why are American’s so hung up on race??
    She would probably also have a picture of herself dancing.
    There may also be a picture she took during one of her trips abroad.

    Bets would be most proud to follow a famous international photographer, an official dance troupe, and her friends.
    Bets probably wouldn’t stalk and not follow someone who she wanted to keep tabs on. Despite the fact that she is naïve when it comes to American culture, she seems very definitive in her decisions, sticking with her first pick of Slav even though she briefly considered changing it to Turk. Which says to me that she commits to a follow if she wants to stay updated on someone’s life.
    No one verified follows Bets.

  5. 3 most recent posts:

    Photo of her mother from a past event, captioned: “Sooooooo excited to see mama and the fam! Big dinner, yum! Gotta sort thru soooo much gossip…”

    1. Jasmine walks through the door. She immediately asks Dayton “How you doin’ baby” (10), and then she responds “That’s not what I heard” (10) when Dayton says he’s “doing well” (10). Jasmine likes to talk gossip.
    2. Speaking is of a literary style of dialect in lower-class literature, as it were, where endings of words are hewed in replacement of an apostrophe and vowels are occasionally drawled for affect. These stylizations are used to show lack of education or, in this case, to differentiate two different classes. Example in Fairview: “Haaaaaay-aaaaaaaaay! How you doin’ baby?” (10) and “ain’t cost more than three ninety nine, talkin’ ‘bout special cheese for Mama” (12).
    3. She is excited to see her mother, or, at the very least, has a good enough report with her mother to show up to her birthday dinner.

    2. Photo of cheeses, captioned: “Beverly talkin’ ‘bout some expensive cheese. Please… ain’t cost more than three ninety nine”

    Jasmine says everything about the cheese and Beverly after the ellipsis in the play.
    Look to Evidence 2 of the first post for why I stylized Jasmine’s speaking habits (because the author did).

    3. Photo of herself, captioned “Now Sis heated. Now Sis fainted! AHHHHHH WHAT DO I DO!!!??”

    Jasmine’s sister, Beverly, faints in the end of Act 1. Jasmine is concerned about her sister. “Why don’t you just sit down and I’ll get you some wine,” she says to Beverly right before Beverly faints.
    Look to Evidence 2 of the first post for why I stylized Jasmine’s speaking habits (because the author did).

    Three accounts she is proud of following:


    Jasmine likes to keep up with his and her sister’s drama. Example: when she asks how Dayton is. She says flat-out she knows a bit of gossip about Dayton that leads her to believe Dayton is not “doing well” (10).
    Beverly (possibly)

    Look to Evidence 1 for Dayton.

    3. Keisha

    1. She has a good report with her niece, as such that Keisha looks to her for guidance and to reason with her sister, Beverly, about allowing Keisha a hiatus after high school.

    Three she doesn’t follow

    1. Mama
    1. Mama probably doesn’t have an Instagram, otherwise Jasmine would follow her.
    2. Jimbo
    Jimbo doesn’t exist within Jasmine’s reality. Besides, he’s racist. Jasmine wouldn’t follow him anyways.
    3. Beverly (possibly)
    1. Jasmine is at odds with Beverly. She may’ve unfollowed her in the midst of one of their quarrels.

    Who follows her?

    1. Guys who find her attractive
    Guys follow girls that they find attractive on Instagram. There are, after all, photos of her.
    2. Girls who find her attractive
    Same reasons why guys who find her attractive would follow her (see Evidence 1 for “Guys who find her attractive”).
    3. Keisha
    Seemingly likes her aunt. She trusts her aunt to convince Beverly to allow her to take a hiatus after high school.
    Her aunt sides with her about taking a hiatus after high school.

    Driver’s license:

    Full name: Jasmine Frasier
    Evidence: Dayton exclaims “Mama Frasier Birthday Dance!” The Beverly and her mother’s last name is Frasier. It’s likely Jasmine’s last name is also Frasier, as they are blood-related and she didn’t bring a husband to the family dinner. She’s like unmarried.

    Sex: Female

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: 5’4” is the average female height (
    Evidence (or lack-thereof):
    1. Jasmine’s height has not been mentioned in the play, so far.

    Date of birth: September 9th
    Evidence (or lack-thereof):
    Most common birthday (
    Birthday has not been disclosed in the play, so far.

  6. Jarrett Emory: as Jasmine (?)
    Jasmine: de la Pointe – Gittelsohn

    Drivers License:
    Full name: Jasmine Frasier
    Sex: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: Everyone lies on this anyway
    Date of Birth: May 7th (~)

    As per evidence with some of these, Jasmine’s last name is most likely the same as her Mother’s, who the sister’s both refer to her doing “The Mama Frasier dance!”. As for her eye color, I simply Google’d the actress – Roslyn Ruff- as I doubt cataracts wound be needed for actresses, especially when the text doesn’t mention eye color. With her birthday, no evidence is ever given, however, considering her paradoxical standards in expensive cheeses and wines contrasted with absolutely bogus tastes in cliche family drama films, Jasmine no doubt spews massive Taurus energy, thus born in May.

    Recent Instagram posts:
    Obligatory clout-magnet post of a collage of Mother-Daughter pictures, wishing her Mother Frasier a happiest of birthdays, captioned: “If only I can look this good at that age. Happy (xx-th) Birthday, Mama!”

    Another post of a fancy-ish wine taste event on the outskirts of Fairview, most likely subjects of patio furniture and expensive-ish looking bottles of wine, of course not bought, captioned “Home away from home”.

    Lastly a selfie in a newly bought outfit, captioned: “Snack that smiles back”.

    Of accounts she follows publicly:
    Any one of the Kardashians, as they’re some of the most followed accounts, purveyors of female entrepreneurship, and always are up to date with fashion trends and so on.

    A24 Film Productions, as they produce mass marketable ‘indie-like’ films spanning in any sort of subject matter. Their films are good, and as someone who relates to the family drama, Jasmine wishes to known for her refined tastes in movies, in spite of only referencing the cliches.

    Food and Wine magazine; two things that seemingly everyone loves, but Jasmine has more exquisite tastes for, hence the mulling over cheap cheese and personally-bought Rose wine. Keeping up with the newest trends is a surefire way of keeping up the appearances of extravagant taste.

    Of the accounts she doesn’t follow but Follows:

    Dayton’s account: not because she’s jealous of Beverly, but rather she wants to be keen on any sort of brewing drama between the two, and will use such to one-up her sister, just as she does in the story remarking their (lack thereof) sex life.

    Any sort of local fast food chain that boasts a good social media presence, perhaps an Arby’s, or Wendy’s. Not to say their food isn’t good, but simply below Jasmine’s more refined tastes, but just as Jasmine crunches on knowingly cheap Brie cheese, she will delight in a 5-for-5 deal on processed fried food and a good joke.

    Beauty Deal Finder or some other spam-ish budget-friendly website for cosmetics: to contrast the higher funds that accompany “snack” status with perhaps Lush products or Kylie Jenner’s makeup supply, one must find better deals in the wild that will suffice in getting the job done. And so, to not fully disclose a status not monetarily worthy of those highbrow products, Jasmine stalks the deal finders not because she wants to, but because she has to. Such is capitalism.

    While evidence for most of these can be found coupled with, the main character read I’ve on Jasmine so far is someone who is awfully incompatible with their sister, even in adulthood. Enough to have a soliloquy to herself in the presence of Beverly. This sort of immaturity very well may transfer over to social media, where its all one bigger performance – one of which can be curated with posts that hopefully showcase her interests (either it be movies or fancy drink) but also make her look relatable in a way. The kicker with all of it, her plea of “Can I live?” to Beverly ultimately surmises the ethos of social media too, wherein we are all just talking to ourselves in public.

  7. Suze’s Instagram is definitely a “self-love” account that is akin to modern-day influencers. Her three recent posts are, 1) a screenshot of an inspirational quote from Tumblr, something like “Train your mind to see the good in every situation”, with a generic pastel background, 2) a picture of her cooking her own soul food, like Mabel did, with the caption, “Thinking of her…”, and 3) a picture of the black power fist in celebration of MLK Jr. day. I say these are her recent posts because in the text she is very self-aware, but in a patronizing and somewhat condescending way. She is the epitome of the “white savior character” discussed in class. She tries her absolute hardest to prove her own racial-sympathy that it often comes off as unreal and contrived.

    Three people that Suze is proud to follow are Greta Thunberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Elizabeth Warren. These three people are quintessential to the “social justice warrior” archetype, and Oprah and Elizabeth Warren serve as her validation of her appreciation of, and apology to, the African American community. Greta Thunberg is someone she admires because she’s young, female, and ready to advocate, much as she is.

    Three people she stalks but doesn’t follow are Donald Trump, Jenny McCarthy, and Alex Jones. She doesn’t follow Trump and Jones because she doesn’t want anyone to accidentally believe that she endorses those people, but she likes to find posts from their accounts to “regram” with a combative comment. Suze is very staunch about her position as a white woman in the script and feels the need to profusely empathize with the black community, so activism on social media is one way she is able to broadcast her opinion publicly. She doesn’t follow Jenny McCarthy yet stalks her because she is slightly embarrassed about her love for her, but still likes to keep tabs on her account. She very much admires McCarthy’s way of speaking her beliefs no matter the backlash, just as she does. Suze is almost looking to “educate” someone.

    Suze’s full name is Suze Ann Orwell, a very generic white name. She is female, 5’5″, with brown eyes, artificially-dyed blonde hair, and she is 30 years old. All of her features and characteristics are evident of the unassuming white-lady appearance that she has, which she feverishly attempts to overcome with her social media presence and endless banter about her viewpoint of the African American community.

  8. I think that Bets’ Instagram would showcase her heritage, which I’m going to make a guess is German since she has been described as European but not Slavic. So her most recent photo would be her and her best friend clinking beers with the caption, “Ich und meine Schwester” (me and my sister). It would be in German since throughout the play, she makes references to English not being her first language.

    She also mentions that her family travelled a lot when she was a girl which suggests she may still travel now since she has grown up doing it and has the money and privilege to continue. So her second most recent would be a beautiful landscape of a meadow in Scotland with the caption “Ich wünschte, ich könnte für immer hier bleiben” (I wish I could stay here forever).

    When asked what race she would be if she could choose any, she says “Slav” which isn’t technically another race, but regardless, she has an admiration for their culture. It’s also mentioned in that section that her family and her travelled to many Slavic countries when she was younger. So her third most recent photo would be a 5 year old her and her parents in front of a Slovenian castle with the caption “Rückfall Donnerstag” (throwback Thursday).

    The three accounts Bets would be most proud of following would be:

    1. Donatan Cleo (@cleo_don) who was a contender in Eurovision a few years ago representing Poland. She is a singer/ songwriter best known for her hit “We are Slavic”. Her account is verified.

    2. Jared Padalecki (@jaredpadalecki) an actor who has starring roles in both Supernatural and Gilmore Girls who is good-looking and of Polish descent. His account is also verified.

    3. Laura Klinke (@lauraklinke_art) is a German artist/ Instagram influencer known for her unique drawing style. She is slightly edgy but still pretty basic, which I think matches with Bets’ bland personality throughout the play.

    She would stalk but not follow Donald Trump because she is ashamed to admit she is interested in US affairs, her ex-boyfriend (a Russian boy named Sasha), and Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany who is well-liked by the Christian demographic.

    Bets’ driver’s license would have her full name: Betsy Shaumacher, sex: female eyes: blue, height: 5’9 (typical for Europeans) and DOB December 7th, 1989 because she gives off strong Sagittarius energy and is written like she is in her mid-twenties.

  9. After finishing the play Fairview, my image of what Jimbo’s Instagram looks like is very clear.

    His three most recent posts would resemble something like:

    A photo, with a location, tagged in Florida at a Trump rally…Jimbo would like to show his followers he’s willing to travel for this from Fairview. Jimbo is wearing a red hat that very clearly reads MAGA 2020 and a gold chain that hangs heavily from his neck. Jimbo’s caption reads “Bro can make a deal,” and further shows his followers that he will blindly fall on this sword.

    The second most recent post would resemble a photo that displays Jimbo’s supposed love for other cultures. In an attempt to rile some of his followers, Jimbo posts a screenshot of a clothing store that is dedicated to Asian inspired fashion but is determined to only feature white models wearing them. Jimbo’s caption then reads “Don’t get what the fuss is about, she looks GrEaT and rocks it better than most,”

    Finally, Jimbo’s third post would show that he likes to go out every now and then for entertainment and last weekend he saw Joker. It’s a picture of the movie ticket with a date and time-stamped. His caption reads “BEST movie EVER. Wow, who knew I could relate to a movie so much, but it’s like they created this FOR me… have you SEEN Joker? Dude, put it on your list, just put in on your list!”

    On Jimbo’s driver license:

    Full name: James Williams
    Sex: Male
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 6’1
    DOB: 6/10/1980

    Honestly, the monologue that Jimbo had at the end of act two really solidified the idea in my mind that I would not want to follows this man’s Instagram and I knew exactly why. Jimbo is quite possibly the worst social media user for many reasons, but mainly because he believes his account is the center of the social media universe and he knows what is best for anyone and everyone. Jimbo claiming to be the villain while simultaneously placing himself as the victim inspired the Joker post, and he for sure voted Trump in 2016 but didn’t want his friends to know it, but recently, Jimbo has become bolder and it shows on his Instagram.

  10. SUZE

    post 1
    Suze is posing next to a beautiful street mural, one of a giant spacey camel crawling through a dreamlike realm. Suze did not make the mural. She found it. If you click on her location tag, you’ll see a hundred posts of people in the exact same spot, with little to no variance in composition. Her caption: “Earth without art is just Eh.” She feels very important for saying this.

    post 2
    Pictures of her old housekeeper Mabel, the first image has a young Suze in the foreground as well. Caption reads: “I want to wish a biiiig happy birthday to my soul-mama Mabel. Times like these I miss your songs, your cooking, your haaair… have a blessed day!” followed by a long series of emojis, too many to transcribe properly. One of the comments comes from Mabel’s daughter, Helen: “How do you know my mother again?” Suze failed to reply.

    post 3
    An old post from 2014 reveals Suze’s ice bucket challenge. She opens the video by mentioning she wasn’t directly asked to participate, but rather she saw a video where he challenged ALL THE VIEWERS to participate as well and, well I know that’s not how the challenge started, but come one guys, ALS is such an important… issue, and… we ALL need to play our part to conquer this. She continues on this rant for an additional minute before she dumps an ice bucket on her head and cries immediately.

    Scrolling through her followed accounts, you’ll see nothing remarkable: Danny Devito, Barack Obama, Robert Downey Jr., the usual suspects. But what you won’t find out with just a few clicks is that she has spent HOURS scrolling through Helen’s feed since she commented on her post. She has also spent a good deal of time stalking various Instagram meme pages, but she would never DARE to follow them because certain joke trends can be considered problematic, and being called the p-word is her greatest fear. Scrolling through her followers, you’ll see that nearly half of the men following her have pickup trucks in their profile picture.

    Her driver license reads:
    Full name: Suze Rose Catherine
    Sex: Female
    Eye color: Brown (but she will insist they are “hazel”)
    Height: 5’8
    DOB: 4/13/1992

    I came to these depictions because she reminds me of a million people on social media, you’re just gonna have to trust me when I say this is exactly how these people are. For them, social media is a place mostly for observing and beholding the current in-celebrities, fighting about the most asinine differences in PC terminology, and doing everything they can to paint a picture of themselves as good guys.

  11. Keisha’s Instagram is that of your typical teenager’s. Keisha’s first most recent post includes a photo of her with her high school sports team in game uniforms, captioned, “Shoutout @Tanya for all those extra laps!” with the sweating emoji and the angry face emoji. Another post is a photo of her holding a debate trophy at states, captioned “It’s because I am always right.” with a smirk emoji. Keisha’s third most recent post is a selfie with Erika, captioned “Love this girl!” These would be Keisha’s most recent posts because she is described as doing “everything that teenagers do” (pg. 15). Keisha is very involved in her schools extracurriculars, including “six honors or AP classes every year, three varsity sports, choir, debate, yearbook..” (pg. 16). Keisha’s friend, Erika, is included in these recent posts because she is very relevant within the play, and thus Keisha’s life.

    Three accounts that Keisha is most proud of following include: Olivia Jade Giannulli, Kendall Jenner, and her aunt Jasmine. Keisha is proud to follow Olivia Jade Giannulli, Lori Laughlin’s daughter, because she claimed to have only gone to college for the experience. This is similar to Keisha in that she wants to push college back but her mother is forcing it upon her immediately post-graduation. Keisha follows Kendall Jenner because what typical teenage girl does not? In reference to page 15, Keisha got the idea that it is okay for her to leave her things for others to pick up from Kendall Jenner. Keisha’s aunt Jasmine is included on Keisha’s list because they are very close. Keisha relies on Aunt Jasmine to help her when help is needed. This can be seen on page 16, when Keisha requests that Aunt Jasmine speak to her mother about taking a gap year.

    Three accounts that Keisha does not follow but stalks on Instagram include: Ellen, Tiny Kitchen, and Jaden. Keisha stalks Ellen because she finds her posts to be inspiring but does not want to appear cliche, or seen spending all her time on a white woman’s page. Keisha stalks Tiny Kitchen because she secretly loves to cook but wants to rebel against her mother, as well as avoid helping out. Lastly, Keisha stalks Jaden because he is the cause of her pain during sports practice. She does not want him to know that she is spending time observing his life, but she is searching for a way to get Tanya to stop being obsessed with him.

    Drivers License:
    Full name: Keisha (Dayton’s last name)-Frasier
    Sex: female
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’7
    Date of birth: June 5th, 2000

    Keisha would hyphenate her last name because she has more respect for her mother than father, as she only asks her mother for permission for things. Keisha is obviously female and her eyes are brown because MaYaa Boateng, the actress who played Keisha has brown eyes. Keisha is 5’7 because that is considered tall for a girl, while still being a common height. Keisha must be tall if she plays three varsity sports. Lastly, her birthday is June 5th, 2000 because she is a senior in high school, thinking about her post-graduation plans.

  12. Fatima Bustos (Dayton)
    Daytons Instagram

    For Dayton, I believe his three most recent posts are centered around Beverly and his daughter Keisha. He seems to be very family oriented and focused on Beverly from the few vocal lines we get from him. In act one, he is shown to be very attracted to his wife, as well as protective. He continues to encourage and calm Beverly throughout act one when she becomes too stressed, “The dinner is going to be wonderful. Because you’re a wonderful cook, and a wonderful host, and everyone here loves you” (Drury, 18). From these lines of encouragement, love and admiration towards Beverly, I believe at least the two most recent posts are just Beverly or them together. For posts with just Beverly at the dinner, he’d caption it, “Look at my wife tonight though!! Killin it. #MySexyWife”. Not to mention how adamant he is about Beverly being sexy and attractive to him in the beginning of act one, with him gawking at her in the kitchen. He’d also post a plate of food she cooked for them captioned, “Delicious meal made by a delicious woman. #Blessed #Mhmmhm”.
    I would say Dayton actively follows Beverly, maybe his daughter Keisha if she wasn’t private or hides her posts from her parents, and maybe a cooking/food account Beverly recommended him to follow or that she’s obsessed with. Seeing how much time and effort Beverly put towards the dinner to be perfect all throughout act one, I assume she’s very cooking-oriented and knows her way around cooking and good food. He demonstrated support for her when she went on a rant about root vegetables to him and he followed along and listened to her instructions without needing to write it down. Dayton is very supportive of her, which is why I think he’d follow an account she follows heavily. I don’t believe anyone notable or verified follows him, he seems pretty low key to me.
    I think three people he stalks but doesn’t follow are Jasmine, his mother in-law and Tyrone. Dayton is obvious towards Beverly about his dislike or distrust towards Jasmine. When Beverly mentioned to him that Jasmine would be coming, he responds with, “I thought you wanted this dinner to go well” (Drury, 10). This exemplifies his exasperation towards his sister in-law. I feel like in the rest of the text, Dayton tolerates his mother in-law and Tyrone, but tolerates and respects them for Beverly.
    Dayton’s driver’s license would be something like:
    Dayton Fraiser, Male, Brown, 6’1, born 1985.
    His character is a black man, so I would say he’d have these features. He names Beverly’s last name in the beginning of act one, so I would think she took his last name. Keisha is about 18 years old, so she was probably born in the early 2000s, having him have been at least 25 when he had her with Beverly. Also I imagine kind of tall, because Jasmine mentions how she thinks he doesn’t move or walk right. I associate tall people to have more trouble dancing/being smooth when moving to music.

  13. Firstly, Suze takes her most recent post of her watching the soap opera in the bed while her children are downstairs preparing for her birthday party with a hashtag “in my turban” for the gram. Suze’s instagram second most recent post is of her family gathering with her for her birthday at Beverly’s house. She loves her family dearly, therefore she had her grand daughter Keisha time the photo for everyone to join in. Lastly, Suze captivates a video of her family singing and dancing having a wonderful time during her birthday party with hashtag “we frasiers do love to dance”. Her followers can also see there is a burnt cake sitting on the kitchen counter (oh no!) but it’s okay.

    Her driver’s license indicates: Suze Mae Frasier
    Sex: Female
    Eye color: Browm
    Height: 5’4
    DOB: 04/14/1945

    This inspired me most when Suze enters finally to join the family in act 3, although she is very quiet she loves and respects her children/grandchildren. It shows how strange, loving, and wild each member of the family is and she appreciates the time spent with them despite the conspicuous information people had been speculating towards the end of Act 3.

  14. Beverly’s instagram is comprised of very few photos, most of which being solely grainy photos of her family on holidays. She tends to not focus on herself, mostly doing what she feels is right for others. This results in her not posting anything about herself.

    Her most recent instagram post would be captioned: “Happy Birthday Mama” with a lot of confetti emojis after it. It would be a family photo that took them 15 minutes to take, as the arguing between her and Jasmine would escalate into the family taking sides on the issue, and then finally settling down and taking the photo.

    The previous post would be from the previous Christmas, with the caption “Happy Holidays!” and that would be all there is.

    And the one before that would be another family photo of all of the family at the thanksgiving table, with the caption “Happy Thanksgiving!” I think you get the trend. Beverly wouldn’t be an avid instagram user.

    She would follow colleges, her neighborhood watch account, and her families accounts. She would stalk her daughters friend’s accounts, old friends who have become overly successful, and her ex’s accounts. This is due to her incessant need to control her daughter, her underlying jealousy of success, and her resentment for her sex-less marriage. No verified users would follow her.

    On her drivers license, it would say;
    Name: Beverly Frasier
    Sex: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’7
    Age: 40 or so (Never clarified)

  15. Keisha’s Instagram
    By Taylor Hartsock

    Full Name- Keisha B Taylor
    Sex- Female
    Eyes- Brown
    Height- 5’10
    Date of birth – January 3rd, 2002

    The last three posts on Keisha’s Instagram are; A picture of herself and Erika holding shiny new volleyball trophies, A re-post of the Sydney Opera House, and a selfie with her Aunt Jasmine from Christmas. The reason behind Keisha’s picture of her and Erika holding up Volleyball trophies is on her Instagram is because it is clear that she and Erika are best friends meaning they would probably do similar activities such as Volleyball. In Keisha’s rant to her aunt, she talks explicitly about Volleyball and how hard her coach is on the team, so if a coach is that dedicated, it is easy to assume that they would also do well in a competitive atmosphere.

    The next two pictures, the re-post of the Sydney Opera House and the selfie of her and her aunt Jasmine go hand in hand. Keisha states in her teenage rant that she’d like to have a gap year before school. Since it seems that her parents are financially frugal, it may even be possible that Keisha could be too, meaning that she would be able to earn and save money to afford a trip of a lifetime before she goes off to school. Who does Keisha go to talk about the gap year when her parents aren’t listening? Aunt Jasmine. She feels comfortable talking about her issues with her Aunt Jasmine, which shows a closeness between the two. It’s from Christmas because that seems like another big event that her mother Beverly would host with their family.

  16. Jimbo’s Instagram is on private mode, with a bio including his fraternity’s letters and a Bible passage he swears he lives by. His most recent post is a washed out photo of some trees with the caption “Artsy”. Another post includes him at some sort of landmark, most likely in New York City, posing on a family vacation with his arms out wide like he has some sort of ownership over the city he is visiting. Finally, he’s posted a selfie of him shirtless, flexing with a backwards hat on. He follows almost 3,000 people, but he’s most proud of following Donald Trump, Barstool Sports, and Bets. He secretly stalks three Instagram models that are 16 years old.

    His full name is Jim Bob Smith, his sex is male, he has blue eyes, he is 5’10”, and he was born on June 1, 1997.

    There are many moments in the text that lead me to believe he is a privileged white boy with a purposefully closed off view of the world, which benefits him the most. First, the quote, “I actually like to think, like to think about things, you know?” when asking Suze the uncomfortable question about race, leading him to appear as the kind of man who describes himself as “different” (32). He then proves to heavily stereotype multiple races, including his view of Asian’s parents, his points in Suze’s discussion of race, and, most prominently, his role in Act III. This stereotyping and typical white boy lingo lead me to believe he is more of a frat boy-type who fancies himself as quirky because sometimes he watches indie movies. His accounts he is most proud of following are backed up by his friends and fit in perfectly with his identity as a white male, and he thinks Bets is hot. The accounts he stalks proves that he is really gross down to the core. The text points me to all of this because he has the freakout moment at the end of Act II, possibly proving he has access to emotions, but clearly only wants to use them in self-righteous actions.

  17. Beverly’s Instagram
    By: Aden Asefa

    Full Name: Beverly Hill
    Sex: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’10
    Date of birth: December 19, 1996

    The last three posts on Beverly’s Instagram are…A picture of her and jasmine on a picnic together with their family. The reasoning behind the picture is because it’s clear that Beverly is one of those people where its family over everything. Her second picture would be of herself edited to make her skin look flawless along with her hair set to the side perfectly. Beverly portrays herself as a perfectionist. Her third picture would be a view of her on an empty green field watching the sun go down with a journal on her lap. Beverly seems as if she has a lot on her plate and never has time for herself.
    Three accounts Beverly is proud of stalking is Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and Ayesha curry. Beverly stalks Beyoncé on Instagram because…well I mean its Beyoncé. Kylie Jenner, she follows because she’s fashion forward, and alos literally a perfectionist. She talks Ayesha curry because she’s the full package, she cooks, has an amazing relationship with her husband and seems as if life is going good for her. All the people she follows are people who look perfect on Instagram all the time and Beverly herself is also a perfectionist.

  18. The of Life Bets (Instagram account)
    By Imani Thaniel

    I believe Bets drivers license would look a little something like this:

    Full name: Betsy Shaumacher
    Sex: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’6″
    Date of Birth: Nov. 11 1997 (major scorpio)

    I believe Bets three most recent posts would be described as this:

    Post 1: I believe one of her most recent posts, maybe one she uploaded onto her Instagram story will be a video of an African American person being discriminated against and her caption being “this is what’s wrong with America.”

    Post 2: I believe her second most recent post would be a selfie of herself with a caption like “be the light you want to see in the world.”

    Post 3: I believe her last most recent post would be her reposting on her a story a photo of a protest to support African Americans or another colored race and asking the question, “Why is the world like this?”

    I came to these conclusions about the things she would be posting because Bets is one of those ignorant European or white women that believe “race” is the main problem in the world and it is really arrogance and ignorance to the truth of different cultures. For instance, on page 55 when she stated that “blacks are just like us.” or on page 53-54 when she was describing O.J. Simpson and the movie. She does not understand the world around her, she is very closed minded. She wants to showcase she supports the “African American struggle,” but she truly does not understand it nor add to its uplifting.

    I believe these are the three accounts she is most proud of following (because everyone else will see them) these will more than likely be the only black accounts she follows:
    1. Alicia Garza (co-founder of black lives matter)
    2. Black Lives Matter
    3. A European travel blogger

    I believe she would follow these accounts to make herself feel more “woke” even though she isn’t and to show her support for the movement in which she does not completely understand, but the reposting will make her look like she is in the know.

    I believe these are three accounts she doesn’t follow, but stalks:

    1. Donald Trump?/Republican lobbyist group, maybe the New York Times or CNN
    2. Beyonce
    3. Cardi B

    I believe she follows these accounts because on pages 56-57 she talks about not wanting to be a part of the “ghetto-type kind of thing.” She also talks with Jimbo and Mack about the looks, features and bodies of black women and men and she is comparing herself and Europeans to them in a way. Both Beyonce and Cardi B are prominent female black entertainers in the black community and part of me believes Bets want to look like them, but not be immersed in their communities. I also say Donald Trump or some sort of right-wing conservative group or publication because she says she doesn’t like or agree with the politics of America, but she is truly obsessed with it because most of her statements have something to do with social injustices, politics, etc.

  19. The character I was assigned to is Dayton. Dayton’s first most recent post, I believe would be a picture of his wife Beverly. He clearly cares deeply about her and I believe would have no shame posting about his love for her. His post could be a tender picture of him and her, in which he expresses how much he loves and cherishes his wife. Throughout the play he cares and comforts her, for example when jasmine offers Beverly wine he insists “He knows whats best for his wife”. The second post I believe would be something similar such as a picture of Beverly and his daughter Keisha together with some caption like “Love my girls” or “The only women I have eyes for”, since he is close with them both. The third most recent post would be a picture of his favorite football team that he posted on game day with the caption “Let’s Go (insert football team)”, I came to this conclusion because in act three he admits to playing fantasy football, “It’s not gambling it’s just fantasy football”.

    Based on those posts I believe he would be most proud following his wife, his daughter, and the ESPN page. If I really dive deep into Dayton I don’t think he would be on social media to stalk people. Nor do I think anyone verified would follow him. I think he would have a private page with a small amount of followers that are those in his immediate circle. He would not post often either.

    Drivers License
    Name: Dayton (do not believe his last name was mentioned?)
    Sex: Male
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’11
    DOB: 02/07/1975

  20. @JimboIsNoBimbo
    I imagine Jimbo’s Instagram page to be just as annoying as he is the play. His most recent post would most likely contain multiple images. First, a selfie of him gazing into the sky like his mind is full of intricate thoughts, when in reality all he is thinking about is whether or not he hit the snap button without having to look at his phone and ruining his shot. Second would be a picture of his set up; the table he is sitting at in the Starbucks where he took the pictures, his black iced coffee (which he hates the taste of but drinks anyways because he thinks it makes him look deep and mysterious), his MacBook and a book like The Alchemist or 1984 which he hasn’t been able to finish in the months since he’s purchased it but carries around to make himself look like he reads thought-provoking books. The caption would be something like “I read in Starbucks while you scroll through your feed in Starbucks, we are not the same.”
    Explanation: I could see this being a post of his because of how deep he was trying to be in the book/play. Multiple times throughout the reading he would mention how he “likes to think about things, you know?” as if he thinks so differently than other people.
    The second most recent post is of him and his token black friend (who says that he can use the N-word when it’s just the two of them) on the beach late at night. The caption would be something like “Thank God for flash, without it, we wouldn’t be able to spot (insert black friend’s name here) in this picture haha, my brother for life.”
    Evidence: I see this post because in the book he seems like one of those people that frequently say racist/prejudicial things about black people/culture but defends himself by saying he’s friends with black people. I could easily see this based on how he views black people. On page 55 he says he wouldn’t want to be a rich black person because it isn’t authentic. He would rather be normal so he could get “rowdy” in the club. The way he entered as Tyrone (who is a lawyer) dressed like a stereotypical back male rapper also said a lot about how he views black men.
    His 3rd most recent post would be multiple selfies from different days. The caption would read “How terrible of me to deprive you all of these gems, figured I’d just offload all of these at once before they become lost files. Thank me later.”
    Explanation: I could see this post because of how self-centered he is. The way he constantly interrupted his friends as they spoke but yelled over them to make them listen to him as he spoke proved this point for me.
    3 accounts he is proud to follow are James Charles, The shaderoom and Azalea Banks.
    Explanation: He would follow all of these accounts proudly because they are often problematic and made to be the bad guys. I could see him supporting them because he sees himself in them. He would follow the shade room because he likes drama and controversy. Hence the question he presented to his friends and the way he instigated the drama taking place in the Frasier household.
    He doesn’t follow any of the Kardashian/Jenners but stalks them all. Neither does he follow Lizzo or Selena Gomez but he watches their every move.
    Explanation: He doesn’t follow the Kardashian/Jenners because he thinks it would make him look shallow but is obsessed with their lifestyles. I could see him being obsessed with Selena Gomez and Lizzo because they are both just obnoxious as he is but he doesn’t follow them because he doesn’t want to seem annoying to his followers. No one important follows him because he is not important.
    His License would say
    Jim-Bob Theodore Oliver
    Brown eyes
    Explanation: I see him being a Sagittarius because of his overbearingness and his obsession with himself. He is originally from somewhere country in the South, hence the name and his lack of cultural knowledge. When he moved to LA he created a new identity for himself called Jimbo. I can see this because usually when people have personalities like his they are overcompensating for something else.

  21. Bets’ latest Instagram post would feature a boomerang video of some European cultural dish she is enjoying outside of American borders, followed by a Snapchat-imported selfie, depicting her in a stylish outfit. Next, I’d imagine her to post a picture of a generically uplifting quote against a solid background color, with a caption full of hashtags promoting happiness for the day.
    Bets would be proud to follow Beyoncé, a ‘fierce black woman’ with “Hair! Body! Voice!” (Drury 56), her friends, and perhaps a social media guru/influencer. I would suggest these people, because she and her friends seem to be very close with each other, and she appears to have an interest in talented black people. I can see her stalking, but not following, the Kardashians, the Jenners, and Justin Bieber.
    Bets would not be followed by any verified accounts.

    Driver’s License:
    Name: Betsy Novák
    Height: 5’5
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Sex: Female
    DOB: 03/10/1998

    I chose these characteristics because Bets comes off as an average young white woman, nothing too out of the ordinary.

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