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The first few weeks of class were very informational for me when it comes to the topics that we discussed. I like how each week is a different topic that is still related to the previous topic and I like how we get a different professor for each topic as they are specialists in these respective fields. It also brings a different element to the classroom every time since we get someone new as we never know what that class will be like so that is rather exciting.

The activities we have done so far have been good for my knowledge about myself as well as each topic as well. Before I took the Flourishing survey, I thought I would be on the flourishing side but after I took it I was REALLY on the flourishing side which got me thinking deeply. Learning about Positive Psychology was something that was completely new to me and it surprised me how complex it was when I thought that it would be a very simple topic. So again that came to me as a huge surprise. Also, I absolutely loved the Liam Neesan “Taken” monologue, that really brightened up my day.

It was also really great that I took the strengths and weaknesses survey because it really made me think about whether I thought the results were accurate and really made me do some more self reflecting and resulted in more self realization.

The topic of about depression was by far my favorite and the one that I am most passionate about because I have gone through my own battles of depression and have educated myself before, during and after those battles and I have been passionate about spreading that knowledge about this issue to others so it was really nice for me to see that knowledge ive learned and re learn it as well as just seeing it in a classroom setting.

To really sum things up about these first few weeks, basically every topic has taught me something new and has made me think about myself and has even taught me more about myself than I knew before.

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