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Week 9 Reflection

What prompt would you give students to assess their understanding of this week’s reading on assessment? How would you answer your own assessment? Prompt: What is some ways technology can be beneficial?   Teachers can see what their students are… Continue Reading →

Week 9 Google

Class Code: 2op3e23   SOL: 4.2  The student will compare and order fractions and mixed numbers, with and without models; represent equivalent fractions; and identify the division statement that represents a fraction, with models and in context. My students are learning… Continue Reading →

Week 8

SOL 3.9 Join Code: 2op3e23   The activity I have created on google classroom is a quiz assessment. First, my students will watch a video on YouTube about the Water Cycle. The students will then be tested on their knowledge… Continue Reading →

week 7 reddit

Describe your experiences exploring reddit the last few weeks: This was my first-time using Reddit, and I was not a fan of it because it was very difficult for me to use. When I signed up, I did join a… Continue Reading →

Description of Lesson: Students will be put into pairs. One student will create a 3D figure using the die cutter, and the other student will create a flat figure using the die cutter. They will then come together to compare… Continue Reading →

Week 6     Math SOL 4.11   Students will identify, describe, compare, and contrast plane and solid figures according to their characteristics (number of angles, vertices, edges, and the number and shape of faces) using concrete models and pictorial representations…. Continue Reading →

Week 5

Subject/Verb Agreement TPACK Lesson Plan Smart Board Lesson: Graphic Organizer:   Content   What SOL are we addressing? SOL 3.10 – The student will edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Use complete sentences. Use transition… Continue Reading →

Twitter blog post

Describe your experiences exploring twitter the last few weeks My experience using twitter was pretty easy because I have been using twitter since high school. I only used twitter to follow celebrities and to keep up with other stuff like… Continue Reading →

Smart board

Week 3

Content What SOL are we addressing? We are addressing Virginia History and Social Studies SOL 2.3. Under that SOL, what is the exact student learning outcome we hope to achieve. (At the end of this lesson, the student will be… Continue Reading →

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