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Where Ul Qoma Ends..

Chapter 22 was really the height of The City and the City. Dhatt and Yolanda had just been shot in Copula Hall and Borlú was after the shooter. As the murderer fled he “was jogging through the Besź crowds”, while Borlú was in Ul Qoma running down “quieter alleys” (p. 236). As they both started to reach total areas of Besźel and Ul Qoma, respectively, Borlú was running out of time. “He stepped toward space where no one in Ul Qoma could go. I raised the pistol and shot him” (p.237).

Borlú knew he had breached. He looked into Besźel without unseeing and he had also murdered the murderer over the border. Borlú had heard “Breach, Breach” (p 237). He stated that “thought it was a shocked declaration by those who had witnessed the crime”, But he thought wrong. I thought this was weird how Breach arrived so quickly. The way Borlú described how quickly the “unclear figures” and the “grim-featured something” emerged and grabbed him seems like this happened immediately after he had shot the murderer (p. 237-238)


I thought Breach was more of a government figure. Like they would hold court hearings like we have here in the US. Instead, they actually go out, respond, and pick up they people that breach.


Are you turning?


  1. I love this! it helps to understand exactly what breach is and the example shows how close and intertwined the two cities are and shows how close borlu was to him yet was so far in a sense.

  2. I agree! It’s incredible how fast Breach work and detain their suspects. It still seems as if the unimaginable third city exist, but not technically. I think Breach is the third nation intertwined between the two cities. However, Ul Qoma and Beszel citizens have trained themselves to unsee everyone besides their very own. Therefore, they wouldn’t notice if the unfamiliar person is a citizen of the opposing nation or member of Breach and I believe this allows Breach to exist right before their eyes.

  3. I agree, chapter 22 was a great chapter! The fact that Breach does go out and take care of things the way they do does make them seem as more of an authority figure like the price rather than a government type figure. Breach is a very intimidating group to me.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this! I was pretty surprised too when breach ended up being what it was, and it’s crazy how fast they responded with action as if they have more eyes on the cities then Borlu and the reader realized. Great blog post though! Love the way it was written and the use of the picture!

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