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Are you turning?

As a little side hustle to do while in school I spend quite a bit of time working for UberEats. While driving around the city I see so many things. New parts of Richmond that I never knew existed, plenty of artwork against buildings, and the very poor driving habits of Virginians.

I find myself quite often yelling internally, maybe even out loud, at the fact people don’t properly use their turning signals. Believe it or not, using a turning signal is not only beneficial to your safety but to the safety of those around you. For instance, I was at an intersection trying to turn left, I had to yield to oncoming traffic. I was in the middle of the intersection waiting for an opportunity to turn and I see this vehicle veering towards me. I quickly beeped my horn and raise my arms to try and figure out what they were doing. I then see the driver point his hand to the right, like he was indicating that he was turning. This confusion and mini panic attack I had could’ve simply been corrected with a turning signal.

Above is an audio file that I recorded from my own vehicle. Every time you go to make a turn you should hear that noise or something similar.

Please don’t be like that driver, be better.


Where Ul Qoma Ends..


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  1. I completely agree! i’m from Williamsburg and its just a large group of old people in one area so everyone drives slow and uses turning signals. Then when i moved here everyone drives like a crazy person its so crazy how moving only an hour away and have such a different group of people and different drivers. i do wish they used their turning signals it drives me insane!

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