As I read through I Am Blue, I was caught off guard by the underlying purpose of this story. I really liked how the author used a story to draw us in and to make a comparison to an ethical problem. Slavery is a tough topic to speak about but when you put it into a context that everyone can understand it makes it easier. The author made the comparison between Blue, the horse, being intentionally put into the same pasture as another horse so it could be bred and a slave and its slave master being put together so she could carry their child. She then went on to talk about how she could see the mood and emotion of the horse changed. He was hurt and lonely. Just like after a slave, or anyone for that matter, has been raped, she is hurt and lonely.  “It was a look so piercing, so full of grief, a look so human… there are people who do not know that animals suffer… Everything you do to us will happen to you; we are your teachers, as you are ours. We are one lesson” is a portion of the story that stood out to me. It is saying that everyone that you ever come into contact with can be effected of your actions. Although slaves were looked at as “property” or even “animals” they felt pain too. A lesson is learned in every situation, you learn from people and people learn from you.