Multimodal publication

Your final project for this class will be to design and produce, as a group, a publication that carries some of the basic traits we see in counterculture work. These traits include, but are not limited to:

  • a rhetorical stance against a dominant system,
  • exploration of a counternarrative or narratives,
  • remixing of popular materials into something both new and dissonant, etc.

This publication should be multimodal. “Multimodal,” for the purposes of this assignment, indicates the use of at least two media in concert (text and images, images and sound, sound and form, etc.). Your pairing of media should be deliberate and should enhance meaning. You will work on this project as a group, and that collaboration can meet the needs of your group members. Often creators of alternative publications craft separate components independently and then decide collaboratively how to combine those components (i.e. a zine). Sometimes collaborators design a single object on which they collaborate throughout the process (i.e. a recorded performance).

Final Products:

Final products may vary; use works we have studied in class, included during our visit to the library, as a guide. As a whole, they:

  • should not require an audience to download software.
  • should be a substantive piece that reflects equally the work of all members of the group.
  • should be consumable by its audience in under ten minutes.
  • *may* engage in the un-cited appropriation of existing works as part of collage, sampling, or assemblage as long as the appropriation is self-evident, central to the meaning of piece, and is not used in lieu of your own work (see here for related legal context and commentary).

Your submission for this assignment will also vary. You may submit a physical object, email a file, post a file publicly on a media sharing platform, etc. I should be able to find your submission via blackboard, either through a file upload or a URL to its placement on the web.


  • Check out Cabell Library’s Workshop if you feel ambitious.