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End of the Worlds in RVA

The UCI Road World Championships didn’t exactly turn Richmond upside down, but it flipped us on our side for a good 10+ days, which was an interesting, odd, and sometimes exciting experience. Streets were closed for the cycling action, disrupting the city’s rhythm, but creating a new one for a few moments. Organizers and officials

Originally published by Brian Palmer at A Learner in Residence (link)

A day in the life of #VCUanthcrowd

So as you all are well aware over the past week my classmates and I have been collecting data and making observations about members of the crowd. This experience was quite an interesting undertaking especially since i was interviewing strangers with strangers. I was great to get a chance to observe/ document an event like

Originally published by kirkendollcd at Anthropology of the Crowd (link)

return to life: end of race reception for riders

Monday at around 3 pm, the sky is grey and a cool mist descends in tiny beads resembling rain. It is a quiet day at the races, only the junior women’s and under 23 men’s time trials. There is a pensive air about those who populate the sides of the race track, as if something […]

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What I saw on Monday

Roaming the vicinity of Virginia Commonwealth University, I found a spot just across from Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church where I could get a few action shots: USA. New Zealand. France. Australia. It’s fascinating to me to watch the time trials, watch the bicycles and their riders in their caravans: motorcycle, bike, car following. […]

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Hello from the Worlds!

Today was the first day of time trials here in Richmond for the World’s. As part of a course offered solely during the Bike Race week at VCU my colleagues and I made some test observations to study the physics behind the race. While taking photos and videos to help us document some of this

Originally published by lukasjm at The Physics of Bicycling (link)

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