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(01) Sep 20 Sunday Edition

Featured Editorial: Hidden History and the UCI Worlds

One of my goals for this blog is to give some insight into how I turn an issue into a post—or any piece of writing. One element of a solid writing practice is to expose one’s ideas to the larger virtual (and textual) world of thoughts and thinkers, and also to write as if in… Read More

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Nature vs Nurture Activity Set 1: Initial Impressions

While watching a news broadcast that aired after the last London Olympics, the broadcaster discussed concerns over Michael Phelps performance and how his physiology arguably played a larger part in his Olympic wins rather than his own training. The answer to this question really lies within his genetics. Prior to this decade, researchers launched in […]

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VCU Exercise Science Videos

The video above is an interview with former professional cyclist, Christian Vande Velde who spoke with us in regards to preparation for Richmond, VA hosting the UCI World Road Cycling Championships for 2015.  Please enjoy the short video and anticipate more to come as you all will be the first to view all new content.

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Announcements for the Physics of Bicycling!

Bicycle Gear Ratios and Meters of Development from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project by Tom Falcone Welcome to The instructors will use conceptual material and demonstrations in Mathematica to illustrate the basic concepts of the mechanics of bicycles and bicycle riding. At the beginning of the semester, the students will use interactive demonstration simulations to… Read More

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Memoirs of a Gymnast: “Nature vs. Nurture”

Coming into this course, I was very skeptical about the “nature versus nurture” concept. As I mentioned in my introduction, I’ve been a competitive gymnast for 14 years, starting at the young age of 6. My entire life has revolved around gymnastics and I  have actually trained over 10,000 hours. I have won numerous state and […]

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About Your Instructor

My name is Julie Arendt. I am a librarian and assistant professor at VCU Libraries. I’m also a regular bike commuter and have been for most of my adult life. When I moved to Richmond a couple years ago, I became keenly interested in bicycle safety. Maybe I was spoiled by living in Ann Arbor, […]

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Lee Kallman Presentation

Lee Kallman, vice president of marketing and development at Richmond 2015, spoke to our class this past week about the UCI Road World Championships coming to Richmond next weekend.  Kallman explained difficulties faced by himself and the company he works for when it came to acquiring sponsors for the bike race.  One of the main… Read More

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The Bicycle Corps: America’s Black Army on Wheels

I just found this gem in VCU Libraries’ collections: The Bicycle Corps: America’s Black Army On Wheels, a 2000 documentary about a group of black soldiers who were sent to bike from Montana to Missouri in 1897 to see if bikes would be viable for military use. Conveniently, this hour-long documentary is also up on YouTube: […]

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Vagrancy and the bike race

Since the start of the semester there have been several changes happening in downtown Richmond aside the updating of roads and infrastructure richmond has added a plethora of new artwork to walls throughout the city and started addressing some of the vagrancy issues that would prove to be quite a nuisance during the event. i … Continue reading Vagrancy and the bike race

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Richmond’s Five Minutes

A race’s host city isn’t merely a backdrop—it’s the very stage where the drama unfolds. The riders are its performers. The roads and cobbled climbs are its props. The course profile, its libretto. And when all is in motion on the stage, they play off of the rich textures and culture of the city. For…

Great Expectations

So what’s it all going to look like? Probably a little bit of everything. I have never been one for large international sporting events, but this should be interesting. It’s more than likely going to be a western European crowd as well as participants in the race. To be totally honest I do not expect … Continue reading Great Expectations

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Two days to change the landscape with a pedestrian bridge over West Main St, etc.

Traffic flows on West Main St. at Linden St. near the Student Commons.
Pedestrian traffic flows on Linden St. near the Student Commons.
West Main Street is closed to traffic for two days so a pedestrian bridge can be assembled.
Workers assemble the fra…

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Safety Procedures

Hi Everyone, When you are out and about during the race, you want to be prepared for ANYTHING, as it’s not everyday a half a million people come to the city of Richmond.  Let’s start thinking about how to be prepared, comfortable, and safe when you’re out in the field! I’ll get the ball rolling […]

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