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(02) Sep 21 Monday Edition

What I saw on Monday

Roaming the vicinity of Virginia Commonwealth University, I found a spot just across from Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church where I could get a few action shots: USA. New Zealand. France. Australia. It’s fascinating to me to watch the time trials, watch the bicycles and their riders in their caravans: motorcycle, bike, car following. […]

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Motivation in Music

My goal of running a 10K and a half-marathon are motivated autonomously requiring autonomy and competence. Self-determination will put my mind in the right place alongside maintaining physical fitness to have sound body for these tasks. Running gives me the flow experience because I feel as if I have the potential to succeed. With all … Continue reading Motivation in Music

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Assignment 2 and The Voice of Authority

In the first assignment, you looked at sources on the open web. Even though the sources asserted that cycling on the sidewalk was dangerous (or safe) and gave potential reasons, for the most part they did not give much evidence to back up those claims. For example, the Culver City Bicycle Coalition source that one of you […]

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Lecture 1. Thermoregulation (assignment at the end)

We’ve all been there before. Our eyes are open. We’re going through automatic motions. Trained actions. But our thoughts are elsewhere. We’re daydreaming. Often times role playing…….. I’m a 25 year old cyclist who is finally getting a shot on the World Stage. The UCI World Road Cycling Championships are coming to Richmond, VA and my family and friends will be there to cheer me …

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The Tour of France…by two children?!

Yes, the Tour of France by two children. Or, the story of a little French red book. You’ve heard of the little French black dress (by Hubert de Givenchy). Now, here is the story of the little French red book. Neither the children nor the book ride a bicycle, nor is the book “red” in … Continue reading The Tour of France…by two children?!

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The world

Attending the race you assume to find a representative of every country, but that’s not the case. Being the first day I know not as many people were out. I did, however, have the pleasure of meeting a fine gentleman from Los Angeles that gave Pamela ( my roommate) and I a crash course in

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The Backdrop for UCI World Team Time Trials

  A lovely day for the event. Cyclists zoom up and down Monument Avenue, through public space with deep history. We know the myth better than the that history.  But it’s worth looking into that history. From a piece I wrote elsewhere: Upon Confederate general Robert E. Lee’s death in 1870, former comrades and partisans

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Another Look

An “unforgettable life experience”, says Diana Nyad in her TedTalk to “Never, ever give up”. I’m instantly reminded of Zoe Goes Running, where I’m sure she would’ve said the same. Around August 2013, Zoe Romano, from our very own Richmond, VA, ran the entire route of the Tour de France. She became the first person in the […]

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Go with the Flow

Sometimes you have to think about your motivation for what you are doing, and if it’s for the right reasons.  I have a lot of intrinsic motivation to write a shorty story or novella, not for the interest in doing so, but the fact I keep having an idea I want to express in story

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Now that we’re racing…what do y’all think?

Check out the video in this post–Is this the Richmond you know? Why/why not? One of the things about Richmond that’s hard to miss is its past as the capital of the Confederacy (something the VA Flaggers won’t let anyone forget).  How do you feel about the banner than flew over RVA a couple of […]

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Making the Most of Opportunities to Interview Volunteers

Hi Everyone! Did anyone get footage of the opening ceremony or any other events? If so, please post about it here! Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you can get blog updates! Also, here is a twice-daily digest of the race—editors are looking at our blog posts to see if we’ve posted anything […]

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Shaman’s Bottle

Cultural origin: Inka Empire Place of origin: Peru Archaeological site: Unknown Town/City: Country: Peru Object age: 1438 to 1533 years old Currently resides in the Virginia Museum of Natural History Object details: This ceramic vessel has a human face on one side of the jar’s neck, and a human face centered on the body below… Read More

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Podium girls at UCI?

Folks who are interested in exploring topics around gender/sexuality and cycling: I spotted this photo of the elite women’s team time trial ceremony from Richmond Grid today. Are the women with their backs to the cameras “podium girls”? Try and observe an awards ceremony for the races, either online or in person, and share your […]

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Day Two: SDT and Flow

According to the self-determination theory, my goals are examples of autonomous motivation. My goal of writing every day in order to complete a book is autonomous because my desire to do it is just coming from myself. I’m motivated to complete it because I think it will be beneficial for me and will be a

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Lee Kallman’s Presentation

Great blog posts on Lee Kallman’s Presentation. Lee Kallman, Vice President of Marketing and Development, Richmond 2015, spoke about the strategies used by Richmond 2015 to recruit national and international sponsors for the event. It was a great presentation with insights into how the race took its form over the course of five years. He

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