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(03) Sep 22 Tuesday Edition

return to life: end of race reception for riders

Monday at around 3 pm, the sky is grey and a cool mist descends in tiny beads resembling rain. It is a quiet day at the races, only the junior women’s and under 23 men’s time trials. There is a pensive air about those who populate the sides of the race track, as if something […]

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Soccer/Gym Nutrition

When i came to VCU i wanted to try something new. I wanted to perform better and feel better in what i already love to do. In the upcoming days before I exercise or play soccer I typically plan my meals. Depending on what day it is I consume between 1800- 2500 calories that day. … Continue reading Soccer/Gym Nutrition

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UCI Road Worlds

There are over 1,000 cyclists from 75 countries in Richmond, Va this week to race in the Road World Championships.  Choosing certain cyclists to cover is a difficult task, so I plan to mention a few that I have heard of through the news or from various cyclist enthusiasts. First mention is Peter Sagan, a

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Interview One

I interviewed a very near and dear person in my life. I started off with the question,”Do you think people whom excel in sports are physically gifted from birth or do they get to where they are through rigorous training that a normal person would never do?” She responded, “I think it’s people genes and […]

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Regaining Control of the To-Do List

Hi! My name is Morgan Senter, and my two goals are qualifying for the World Irish Dance Championships and publishing my dance research in an academic journal. A dance teacher once told my class that when we walk into the studio, we should “leave all unnecessary thoughts and distractions at the door.” It is an […]

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Volunteering Day 1

Volunteer Week! Today (Monday, September 21, 2015) was my first volunteer shift! I did shuttle welcome bright and early in the chilly air. For the first part of the day it was pretty slow but watching the Richmond Police, the traffic/parking workers and the volunteer staff kept me very busy. Everyone I met was upbeat and friendly, and overall everything at my little turn moved

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Hear no evil, See no evil

Kayleigh, Tori, and I did the “Hear no evil, see no evil” exercise near the finish line of the U23 Men Individual Team Trials, while sitting at a bus stop seat. While only watching, and not listening, I observed the following: People standing by the sidelines drinking beer in the VIP area, People sitting on […]

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The Nature and Nurture of Sports Performance (UNIV 291) 2015-09-22 14:40:24

I interviewed my grandmas neighbor which has been her neighbors for 24 years she has also become a family friend. Alittle bit of her background story, she started playing soccer since she was a little girl around  five years old and she picked up the sport because her three older brothers would always play soccer […]

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Interview time – “Find a way”

I interviewed a relative after a series of questions, and found that they leaned more toward the environmental side rather than the genetic side. Also, more nurture than nature. They are from Deltaville, Virginia but come to the Richmond area often to visit family and friends. This interview went well and I took some things […]

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One Days Worth of Data Collection

The first day of data collection was interesting and extremely new to me since I’ve never participated in something like this ever before.  I decided to be a little more aggressive than I usually am in order to get the crowd to answer my questions.  The key to getting people to participate was to be confident

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Meeting the Israeli’s

Last night, I had the opportunity to meet the Israeli cycling team. Observing them was quite interesting because their ages varied from 18 to their early 40’s. I am Jewish and do not understand nor speak Hebrew very well, but I got to listen to them talk to each other and joke with each other

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My Predictions of the Crowd

When I first started this course, I assumed that many different nations would be here to participate in the bicycle race. While walking around and observing the preparations for the time trials that day. I saw many people representing countries from Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and I even met a man from a country

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Commercial Repetitions

This is the street vendor we observed for 30 minutes, located at the finish line for the U23 Mens Individual Time Trials. They served Starbucks coffee and other snack/ lunch options. I observed numerous purchases of coffee, bottled drinks, sandwiches, and hotdogs. Some people who purchased just a beverage would walk away after the transaction […]

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Lecture 2: Macronutrient Carbohydrates Before an Exercise Bout (Assignment at the END!!)

Now that we’ve covered thermoregulation, it’s important to remember that most cyclists need additional fuel when exercising for more than 1 hour. The UCI Road Elite course is 161 miles with over 1 mile of climbing. The relatively flat course will most likely result in a bunch kick at the end from 3-5 classic cyclists. This means those cyclists who headline as overall contenders at …

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