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(04) Sep 23 Wednesday Edition

Hello from the Worlds!

Today was the first day of time trials here in Richmond for the World’s. As part of a course offered solely during the Bike Race week at VCU my colleagues and I made some test observations to study the physics behind the race. While taking photos and videos to help us document some of this

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Crowded Thoughts

These words were overheard at the intersection of Harrison and Franklin during the Individual Time Trial: Jr. Men on Tuesday September 22. That French guy already came through. Woooo! Go! Go! Go! This guy actually started first (referring to French guy). Hurry! Hurry! Super quick and 500 pounds. Who was that, I lost track? Denmark! […]

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Artifact – WfW

Since their founding in 2007, Wheels for Wellbeing (WfW) an organization based in the United Kingdom aimed to help disabled people locate and learn to ride bikes.  In 2014 they serviced more than 1400 people. Their mission statement is: Wheels for Wellbeing exists to enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the […]

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Meet Antonio Pingitore – He’s pretty cool

Name: Antonio Pingitore Hometown: Buena Vista, Colorado Occupation: Retired/“Trying to maintain my 14 year old body” Antonio Pingitore traveled approximately 1,746 miles by RV to Richmond Virginia solely for the UCI Road World Championships. He’s of Italian descent, born and raised in Chicago but is currently from Buena Vista Colorado, and has a passion for … Continue reading Meet Antonio Pingitore – He’s pretty cool

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Triathlon Nutrition

I have been a member of VCU’s Triathlon Club for about two years. The quality and quantity of my diet has changed quite a bit those past two years. For most of my life, I have considered myself a healthy eater. It wasn’t until this summer, however, that I really examined my diet. I train

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Company Reframes Its Mission Toward the Public Good

As a class we’ve been thinking about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how Richmond companies are volunteering their efforts for the UCI Bike Race. Here are some companies that have decided it’s not enough to simply do good once in a while. Instead, they shape their central missions around the idea of contributing to the […]

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Richmond Cycling Corps!

The Richmond Cycling Corps is a non-profit program founded in 2010 by Craig Dodson and Matt Crane. Its purpose was to provide leadership and personal development through the great sport of cycling to the kids of Richmond. This company operates on funds from Richmond businesses, volunteers, and the Richmond Bicycle Studio. The Richmond Bicycle Studio […]

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Bike Activism Artifact Analysis

Women Trans Femme Thursdays at Rag & Bones Co-op works to help give women, trans, and femme identifying people in the Richmond area a safe space to learn about bicycling (specifically maintenance and repair) dedicated to them, every Thursday from 5-9pm. Currently located in Scott’s Addition, Rag & Bones has been active since 2011, working […]

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Pace of the Race

Individual Time Trial: Junior Men Tuesday Sept. 22 I observed some of the racers from the intersection of Franklin and Schaffer St.  An area usually packed with students walking to and from classes, became a tense terrain of athletic competition. Above: One stream of fencing turns a one way road into a two way speed course […]

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Why Not to Skip Snack Time

Back in high school, my Latin finals had 300 questions each. I knew the material well and enjoyed the topic, but by the end of the massive exams, I felt like I was playing a careless guessing game. I am usually thorough when I take a test, double-checking each of my answers before I turn […]

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Artifact Analysis: Brompton World Championship!

Richmond will host the Brompton World Championship (BWC) this year on September 25th. The Brompton bicycle originated in London back in the 1970’s, and it appears that the BWC is an amusing and creative way to celebrate these little toys. It seems like the beginning of the race initiates an air of excitement among everyone, seeing […]

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Bike Race Crowd Compared To Global Population

So I know the races aren’t over yet and there’s still plenty of people coming for the big races on Saturday and Sunday, I don’t believe this will accurately reflect the global population at all, really. From what I’ve seen so far, what I know about cycling, and people I know in the Richmond cycling…

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I Was Right?!

So a very strange thing has happened.  My prediction from my last blog post with regard to who I thought would show up to the race was largely correct! Although we’re only halfway through the week I have to say the UCI crowd has so far lived up to my expectations.  It’s largely white, middle-aged

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Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a movement in many cities where cyclists take to the streets in large groups and ride.  This started in San Francisco in the 1990’s, when a group decided they would bike home from work together once a month.  This has occurred a few times in Richmond as well.  To some, this is […]

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Bike activism “Artifact” analysis: GGRBC Room to Ride

I believe that implementing an initiative similar to the Room to Ride program in Grand Rapids, Michigan (outlined below) would be a cost effective, simple, and lasting way to increase cycling accessibility to members of society who may not fit the white, athletic, able-bodied, upper-class view of the cycling world. The Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle […]

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UCI Worlds Update

The turnout for the race by locals and otherwise has been scarce, at least where I have been standing. What does that mean? More photo opportunities for the James that’s what. In many parts of the world, even other parts of our country, this would be a packed event in a city like this. You

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Smile and Wave: Glucose + Self-Regulation

Ego depletion, characterized by a period of diminished self-control following an extended exertion of will, surely plays a role in al of our lives at one time or another. In my own experience, I find that my ego is most depleted after a long shift at work. I am employed as a cashier at a […]

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Global Population

I do not think that the sample of humanity in the bike race crowd accurately reflects the “global population” of the world. Only 38.3% of the countries of the world are participating in the race. That is literally like the tip of the iceberg that is the countries of the world. If it was perhaps … Continue reading Global Population

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Naked RVA: Would a Nude Bike Ride work in Richmond (Bike Activism Artifact Analysis)

Nude Bike Rides: So, before taking this class, I honestly had no idea that nude bike rides were a thing that happened. I think they’re totally rad and have the potential to be empowering and community building. I don’t ride bikes much but now that I know that nude bike rides are a thing it […]

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