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(05) Sep 24 Thursday Edition

Students in “The Big Win” Interview Volunteers at the Race

These stories just in from Peter B: Carol, Director of Internal Communications with Allianz is sponsoring ChildFund to continue Allianz’s initiative of volunteerism. Carol informed me that Allianz focuses on community engagement and continues to since the time she joined the company five years ago. ChildFund is an organization that brings global community support by contributing food, education, […]

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No Electricity

Along Broad People moved to the beat of the music blasted over the loudspeakers. I could see it in footsteps. Tapping water bottles. Tapping feat. Bouncing knees. Shifting weight. Dancing. Nervous jiggling of hanging feet. I could tell some of it was conscious. But most of it just moved through the blood and ebb and […]

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Just Thinking Out Loud

Its Thursday, so I’ve had some exposure to the race crowd by now. It’s time to get to business thinking about what I have noticed and I would like to start with a free prompt. To my pleasant surprise there seems to be some diversity in participants in this race. I was lucky enough to get

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Infertility Goddess of Willendorf

Cultural origin: Created in Richmond by now VCU alumnae Beth Reid Place of origin: United States of America Archaeological site: Town/City: Richmond, Virginia Country: USA Object age: 3 years old based on ca. 30,000 year old figurine years old Currently resides in the Cyberspace Object details: This object was created as part of an art

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The Hardest Part of Collecting Data About the Crowd

  I believe that the hardest part of collecting data about the crowd was giving the individuals we were interviewing a completely clear understanding of what kind of research we were conducting and asking our questions in a simple way in order to ease the interview process. Most people got the gist of the questions and what … Continue reading The Hardest Part of Collecting Data About the Crowd

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Sweatpants and Self-Control

Hi! My name is Morgan Senter and my two goals are qualifying for the World Irish Dance Championships and publishing my dance research. After reading Willpower, I have come to realize that self-control and willpower have their limitations. We start our day with a supply of willpower that is depleted as the day progresses. In […]

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My Marathon Nutrition

Over the past few years I have run 3 different marathons ,half a dozen half marathons and relays ( usually 200 miles spread among 10 people).  My nutrition  strategies have stayed pretty consistent throughout all of these activities with a little tweaking here and there to cover holes found in previous endeavors.  Focusing on the marathon, I

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Race Crowd

If I had to describe the race crowd, I would have to agree with one of the people that surveyed. She said, and I quote “It’s quite homogenous”. The diverseness of the crowd is not what I expected. I thought it’d be more racially diverse. But it really wasn’t.  I saw some people of colour … Continue reading Race Crowd

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Entrepreneurship Interviews

Comment on Assignment 4 from cloningerk… “I interviewed 8 more people today. I fortunately came up with 3 new ideas. A couple people I interviewed mentioned their bike were stolen because they didn’t properly lock their bikes. Several of the people I interviewed said they wanted to travel the world on bike. One customer thought…

Moving Squares

My goals – squatting 315 pounds and writing a record with my band – would certainly benefit from an increased capacity for self-control. Baumeister discussed how setting small, easily achievable challenges throughout the day could strengthen the brain’s capacity for self-control in the long run; for example, challenging yourself to switch from right- to left-hand […]

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