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(06) Sep 25 Friday Edition

What a difference hearing makes!

By: Victoria  Garrett Watching Without Hearing   While sitting at a bus stop on Broad St., I chose to do the watching without hearing exercise. Out of all of the exercises I did, this and the hearing without seeing were my favorites. It’s amazing to me that without one sense, our other senses are heightened […]

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Oh, the things you will see…

By: Victoria Garrett Richmond is a very diverse place on a day to day basis. Many people commuting to and from the city as well as the people living within the city come from very different backgrounds. At VCU alone, there are 15 different ethnicities represented within the graduating class of this year. Apart from […]

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Mis/Match Pounds

A map of the soundwaves of the cheering crowd at the finish line of the Elite Mens Individual Time Trials for the last 5 riders in the race. (The final rider took first place.) The announcer’s voice would raise. The other side of the track would begin banging on the fence covering. In unison, then […]

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Artifact Analysis: Velo City in Chesterfield

Velo City is the dream of four local cyclists. The creation of a massive bike training facility and resort that would cover 300-acres. The project itself really is a vast one. It would include several amenities that would be a biker’s dream, according to the article. The founders have hopes to include a “indoor velodrome, […]

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Contemplating the importance of variance in the crowd

On Tuesday as I walked through the race course observing and interviewing spectators I was contemplating the importance or meaning behind studying crowd variation. The main thought that stuck with me was that studying the variation in this crowd can surely help businesses and local government with planning for other similar events down the road. … Continue reading Contemplating the importance of variance in the crowd

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The Center Stage

As with any team sport, or group activity for that matter, the mere presence of others dramatically changes the nature of certain psychological phenomenon. Social facilitation, which can be broken down into co-action effects and audience effects, enhances personal performance in a group context. Early social psychology work heavily emphasized the intricacies of group dynamics […]

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Social Loafing

Have you ever heard of the bystander effect?  It’s the tendency where a person will be less likely to help another person in trouble when other people are present.  This is very similar to social loafing, where individuals put forth less effort when they are part of a group.  This diffusion of responsibility can be

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For the Passion of the Sport

My interviewee is a good friend, who played soccer in high school. He’s interested in watching soccer and baseball now. Some of his hobbies include racing cars, buying boats, and traveling. He knows “a little” about the bike race (not more than the fact that the roads are closed) and rates his interest at a solid 3 […]

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Hard Work or Genes?

I began the 2nd interview with the same question as before, “do you think that some people are born to be great athletes or that with hard work any of us could be competing in this race? He quickly said “hard work.” I interviewed someone very close to me. I interviewed him because he used […]

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Antelope Femoral Epiphysis with Carved Face

Cultural origin: Zaire Place of origin: Zaire Archaeological site: Unknown Town/City: Unknown Country: Zaire Object age: Recent, ethnographic years old Currently resides in the Virginia Museum of Natural History Object details: This animation is an antelope bone that has been carved to resemble a human face with eyes, a nose, and mouth. This particular bone… Read More

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