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(07) Sep 27 Weekend Edition

A day in the life of #VCUanthcrowd

So as you all are well aware over the past week my classmates and I have been collecting data and making observations about members of the crowd. This experience was quite an interesting undertaking especially since i was interviewing strangers with strangers. I was great to get a chance to observe/ document an event like

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Is She Up To Something?….

On the Circuit While walking around the block of 8th and Broad, I observed many things. One interesting thing I noticed was that each time I passed the bus stop that was located in the middle of the street, new people were sitting and standing around it. While walking back and forth,  I crossed paths […]

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Volunteer Week!

Luckily anyone that wants to become a volunteer for UCI bike races has an opportunity!  On Sunday, September 20, I was a shuttle greeter, starting my shift at 9am.  I rode my bike downtown to my post, as I was uncertain if I could find parking and it is less than 2 miles from my … Continue reading Volunteer Week! Continue reading

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The Worlds At VCU

I had a discussion with these avid cycling fans who claim to attend all major national and international cycling events, estimating that they go to at least 10 races a year. They asserted that they love any rider sporting the orange jersey of team Netherlands and came out to support riders Tim Kerkhof, Sam Oomen, and Twan Brusselman of […]

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Road Circuit Training day 9/24/15 #TheWorldsatVCU

It’s definitely an exciting week in RVA as the worlds have literally come together smack-dab in the middle of VCU campus. Today was the last training day for the UCI Road World Championships before the races officially begin on Friday at 10am with the Women’s Junior Road Circuit. If you haven’t made it out to see

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Cooperation in Competition

  Hello, my name is Morgan Senter and my two goals are qualifying for the World Irish Dance Championships and publishing my dance research. It comes as no surprise that competition motivates us all to challenge ourselves. I need to compete to get into physical therapy school, so I study to keep my grades up […]

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Difficulties with Data Collection

For this study I think that was the best option to get the data that we needed but there were many ways to go about doing that and that did not occur to me until half way through our interviews when a man I was interviewing said our method was inefficient. He wanted to know […]

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“Maybe They’re Born With it- Maybe it’s Training”

I went ahead and asked a question on the nature vs nurture aspect of athletic performance late the other night while the race was going on down Main St. A spectator alongside me, who happened to be another VCU student, became a prime candidate to ask. Her response proved to be an interesting one almost […]

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UCI Visitors

Name: Gary & Deby Ogden City and country: Jacksonville, FL Age: "Spring chickens, in our late 30’s" Occupation: Gary, retired contractor. Deby, HR director at bank Do you follow bicycle racing? We are so excited to be here! This is our first experience! How many races do you attend a year? We’ve heard about races like these, but haven’t actually taken time out to get the full experience.

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Describing the Crowd

        The Netherlands and Belgium being represented right at the start line! The crowd at the race was very diverse! I think it really did live up to my expectations in terms of diversity. Although, I don’t think I realized how many Europeans would be in Richmond. Almost all the people I […]

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The Base of a Bike Friendly city

When I Think of what makes a city bike friendly, I think of dedicated lanes, separate lights, dedicated bridges, and all the bells and whistles of places like Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Which are all things that can definitely set great cycling cities aside from other cities, but there is definitely something more to using bikes

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The bike race crowd was not as varied as I think we were hoping, but it was not totally made up of locals, either.  My group met people from a number of other countries and states.  However, the variation that intrigued me the most was something we noticed yesterday at the young men’s race.  All

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Meet & Greet

Data collection was an adventure.  The first day we did it, Tuesday, we were all a little nervous.  We weren’t sure what the crowds were going to be like, where exactly they would be, or if they would even let us interview them. Of course, once we began, it wasn’t so hard.  We would walk

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It is quite amazing how accomplishing one thing can lead to a cascade of accomplishments that follow.  The same can be said for procrastination, it is so easy to let go and have prior responsibilities pile up.  Setbacks are a part of life, and even the most diligent and respected men and women have setbacks. 

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Language Barrier

With the UCI World Championship being held n Richmond, Virginia, USA. I never thought that language would ever be an issue. When I and another person from my group went to interview the spectators of the race on two different days for two different races, Men’s Under 23 and Elite Women, we encountered the issue

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Way Up High

Here’s a view of Broad St. near the finish line from the 17th floor of the Marriot Hotel. While looking at the street from this angle, I noticed that it didn’t look as crowded as I would have thought. I also noticed some people from 17 floors up that I had already passed several times […]

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BBQ or Harry Potter? Hm…

There has been a lot of publicity and hype towards the fact that Daniel Radcliffe is staying in Richmond. I even read in one of the articles posted by someone earlier in the week that some guy who was observing the race was talking about going out to be casted as an extra in his upcoming movie. […]

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Eating On The Spot

Commercial Repetitions   During the Individual Time Trial for the U23 Men, I sat near a street vendor on Broad that was located by the finish line. While sitting ten feet away from the vendor, I realized that they only sold a few items. I saw in thirty minutes one lady who looked like she […]

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How Fast Can They Be?!!

On last Saturday, my Physics of Bicycling class and I did measurements for Governor Street, the IT incline of all the UCI Bike Races. The class went to do these measurements during the Time Trail Practice for all the racers. We seen a lot of countries represented during this time; South Africa, Rwanda, Hungary, USA,

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