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Bike Ethnography

I was not present for the race itself, but I followed it in media while studying bike culture in my home town. I wanted to do a comparison of a few different view points of cycling, the UCI Road World Championships, and bike culture. I decided to attempt this in a few parts: I studied a few […]

Originally published by hchamet at ENDO: transforming cycle culture (link)

Libby Hill Turn

  I filmed the Women’s Elite Race as they rounded a corner on the cobbles at Libby Hill. I noticed how the riders gravitated towards the same point at the end of the curve, though they found different routes to get there. The tendency is to attack the hill sharply, so that in this case […]

Originally published by hoffmanmc at 33497 UNIV 291 Sec 045 (link)

Day 10

My name is Madison Bratton, and the two goals I focused on throughout this course were sticking with a strict workout program, and eating healthy. As I have mentioned before, these have been goals that I have tried before but never together. After reading Willpower, I can honestly say that I feel like I understand […]

Originally published by mlb7 at Jeffrey Green's Great Bike Race Page (link)

City vs. Country: Ethnography

Since I commute to school, I was able to see the race from both inside and outside of the city. Surprisingly, there was a pretty big difference between the two. While a lot of people that call the city home seemed to be agitated by it, the people farther away seemed to be more excited. […]

Originally published by ashleyketchum at ENDO: transforming cycle culture (link)

To know the true person

To truly say you know someone is to say you’ve spent minutes,hours, days, weeks, and even years with someone.  Given the time we had to interview people was only minutes, but you can learn a lot from these few moments. You get a sense of their true home. You get a sense of what they

Originally published by Aunna Steward at Anthropology of the Crowd (link)

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