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Anthropology of the Crowd

To know the true person

To truly say you know someone is to say you’ve spent minutes,hours, days, weeks, and even years with someone.  Given the time we had to interview people was only minutes, but you can learn a lot from these few moments. You get a sense of their true home. You get a sense of what they

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Crowd Favorites

I loved seeing how people from different countries dressed up to support their racers! Two of my favorites were the Norwegians who set up their “Norwegian Corner” on Broad and Belvidere and the Dutch couple who walked around sporting all orange! It was really fascinating to see how each country came to support. There were […]

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Language Barrier

With the UCI World Championship being held n Richmond, Virginia, USA. I never thought that language would ever be an issue. When I and another person from my group went to interview the spectators of the race on two different days for two different races, Men’s Under 23 and Elite Women, we encountered the issue

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Meet & Greet

Data collection was an adventure.  The first day we did it, Tuesday, we were all a little nervous.  We weren’t sure what the crowds were going to be like, where exactly they would be, or if they would even let us interview them. Of course, once we began, it wasn’t so hard.  We would walk

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How Fast Can They Be?!!

On last Saturday, my Physics of Bicycling class and I did measurements for Governor Street, the IT incline of all the UCI Bike Races. The class went to do these measurements during the Time Trail Practice for all the racers. We seen a lot of countries represented during this time; South Africa, Rwanda, Hungary, USA,

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A day in the life of #VCUanthcrowd

So as you all are well aware over the past week my classmates and I have been collecting data and making observations about members of the crowd. This experience was quite an interesting undertaking especially since i was interviewing strangers with strangers. I was great to get a chance to observe/ document an event like

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Describing the Crowd

        The Netherlands and Belgium being represented right at the start line! The crowd at the race was very diverse! I think it really did live up to my expectations in terms of diversity. Although, I don’t think I realized how many Europeans would be in Richmond. Almost all the people I […]

Originally published by veramd at Anthropology of the Crowd (link)

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