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ENDO: Transforming Cycle Culture

Bike Ethnography

I was not present for the race itself, but I followed it in media while studying bike culture in my home town. I wanted to do a comparison of a few different view points of cycling, the UCI Road World Championships, and bike culture. I decided to attempt this in a few parts: I studied a few […]

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City vs. Country: Ethnography

Since I commute to school, I was able to see the race from both inside and outside of the city. Surprisingly, there was a pretty big difference between the two. While a lot of people that call the city home seemed to be agitated by it, the people farther away seemed to be more excited. […]

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From Cyclists to Spectators: My Observations

I’m actually super glad I stayed in Richmond over bike race week because it was such a cool experience and I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of cool people.  Seriously, I met an Austrian team, who then added me on Facebook! Like, how cool is that?? I ended up meeting several people from […]

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Artifact Analysis: Velo City in Chesterfield

Velo City is the dream of four local cyclists. The creation of a massive bike training facility and resort that would cover 300-acres. The project itself really is a vast one. It would include several amenities that would be a biker’s dream, according to the article. The founders have hopes to include a “indoor velodrome, […]

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Artifact – WfW

Since their founding in 2007, Wheels for Wellbeing (WfW) an organization based in the United Kingdom aimed to help disabled people locate and learn to ride bikes.  In 2014 they serviced more than 1400 people. Their mission statement is: Wheels for Wellbeing exists to enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the […]

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Naked RVA: Would a Nude Bike Ride work in Richmond (Bike Activism Artifact Analysis)

Nude Bike Rides: So, before taking this class, I honestly had no idea that nude bike rides were a thing that happened. I think they’re totally rad and have the potential to be empowering and community building. I don’t ride bikes much but now that I know that nude bike rides are a thing it […]

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Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a movement in many cities where cyclists take to the streets in large groups and ride.  This started in San Francisco in the 1990’s, when a group decided they would bike home from work together once a month.  This has occurred a few times in Richmond as well.  To some, this is […]

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Artifact Analysis: Brompton World Championship!

Richmond will host the Brompton World Championship (BWC) this year on September 25th. The Brompton bicycle originated in London back in the 1970’s, and it appears that the BWC is an amusing and creative way to celebrate these little toys. It seems like the beginning of the race initiates an air of excitement among everyone, seeing […]

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Bike Activism Artifact Analysis

Women Trans Femme Thursdays at Rag & Bones Co-op works to help give women, trans, and femme identifying people in the Richmond area a safe space to learn about bicycling (specifically maintenance and repair) dedicated to them, every Thursday from 5-9pm. Currently located in Scott’s Addition, Rag & Bones has been active since 2011, working […]

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