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The Physics of Bicycling

UCI Worlds Update

The turnout for the race by locals and otherwise has been scarce, at least where I have been standing. What does that mean? More photo opportunities for the James that’s what. In many parts of the world, even other parts of our country, this would be a packed event in a city like this. You

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Hello from the Worlds!

Today was the first day of time trials here in Richmond for the World’s. As part of a course offered solely during the Bike Race week at VCU my colleagues and I made some test observations to study the physics behind the race. While taking photos and videos to help us document some of this

Originally published by lukasjm at The Physics of Bicycling (link)

Announcements for the Physics of Bicycling!

Bicycle Gear Ratios and Meters of Development from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project by Tom Falcone Welcome to The instructors will use conceptual material and demonstrations in Mathematica to illustrate the basic concepts of the mechanics of bicycles and bicycle riding. At the beginning of the semester, the students will use interactive demonstration simulations to… Read More

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