The Government can’t stop pollution

People need to realize that the government can’t  do everything. We can’t rely on the them to put for regulations. We have to do stuff ourselves to make stuff happen. We can just say oh the government should pay for this or the government will take care of pollution for example. The government is slow moving its a bunch of people punching papers around. In the case of pollution many people say that the government need to regulate what companies can make and what not but that will probably not happen because the big companies pay the government lots of money. So we have to hold each other accountable for stuff, throwing cigarette butts out the window, or juul pods on the side walk. We say we aren’t like the generations before us but we really don’t act any different, a bunch of us litter, a bunch of us smoke, and a bunch of us don’t care about the earth. I just heard recently that recycling that has been shipped to china has stopped because our recycling is not pure enough. Therefore a lot of our recycling has gone straight to a landfill, we need to make sure that when we throw something in recycling it can in fact be recycled. In Sacramento last year they had to cut back on what they could pick up curb side because too many people were recycling. I mean sounds like a good thing to me more people recycling but the recycling companies don’t have enough plants to process it all so the send the rest to a landfill. We need to buy more recycled things to give incentives for companies to build more recycling plants. Vans is a big company that takes there old shoes and makes then in to new stuff like park benches. Patagonia, makes some of there products from only recycled materials. Many other companies make paper and plastic materials from recycled stuff. We need to support these companies because they buy there recycled material from recycling companies which make the plants. And that is how we will make the incentives to make more plants so out recycling doesn’t end up in landfills. Also, guys if you are still reading this please don’t litter, and if you see some litter just pick it up and throw it away sometimes. Also, VCU says we are like a green campus but i really doing think we are that green so much plastic being used when it could be replaced with plant made materials, also VCU should take advantage of all the vertical space and make like wall gardens because there are so many just plain brick walls around VCU. We could set an example for other Universities and companies to do the same. All of this land used to be a forest so this would be a good way to get extra toxins out of the air and replace them with clean oxygen. So if you ever are taking a survey telling VCU what we want don’t way tall bikes or something like that, say green spaces because it will help the greater good.

Grandmothers house

My grandmother’s house, is one of those places where time doesn’t matter but also where time goes by too fast. They lived on a half acre lot on the Kanawha river. Which you can imagine was so fun when I was a little kid. We would go up on weekends and cut a path down to the river because it would get overgrown fast. at the bottom there was a sandbar, and a giant city sewer drain pouring out water. The drain was about 10 feet in diameter and ran straight through the city to the other side, I never went in it but my dad and his friend went all the way to the other side once. So i would go fishing down there and catch carp, catfish and mudpuppys. Mudpuppys are giant salamanders. In the front yard there were a few giant oak trees and some ceders too. The coolest trees were two weeping cherries, really beautiful trees. They had a half paved half gravel drive way because it was shared with some the rich people next door. Every afternoon about an hour before dusk, all the buzzards and vultures from the city and beyond would come and sleep in the neighbors trees. The inside of the house was old fashion, and very homey. They had wool carpet, that was worn in most places but behind doors and next to furniture where no one walked it was like brand new. Some of the softest stuff ever, like standing on a cloud of fluff. The house had one of those creepy basements too, but we would still play down there all the time, in the basement they had a giant safe where they kept money from their store way back. The safe had nothing in it then but it was still really cool. The garage was the same way had a bunch of cool stuff in it. The rest of the house was normal with bed rooms upstairs, and living space down stairs. Eventually we moved my grandparents bed down stairs because they couldn’t go up and down the stairs as easy. It was a really nice place. After both of my grandparents pasted away we sold the property to the neighbors. We knew it would sell well because the economy of West Virginia. The neighbors kept all the doors and shingles and windows and tore down the rest. Now there is a giant garage where the house once stood. They did keep the flag pole and all the trees so that makes it a little better. If you have a place like this feel free to share below.

111 – 112

As I go through all of my assignments from this year I can see that I have grown a lot in the study. An example of this is with the blogs at the beginning of this semester when Prof. G told us about the blog I was like, NO.  But I actually grew to like them and now I can write them with much more ease  compared to the beginning of the semester. I have been back to look at my essays from last semester and they are decent but I just know so much more about good sources and overall just how to make a paper good from class and going to office hours. If you haven’t been to office hours yet I highly recommend it Prof. G knows so much it is incredible how much you can get done in there in 10 min just by asking questions. As I am going back and reflecting, I can see that I am more creative and more abstract, like not doing it the same as I would have in high school. My learning has taken place by doing like in my blogs and in my unit projects. I have learned by trail and error like with drafts, the first one is never going to be like your final because you are always going to have to change aspects of it. One of the things that stuck out to me that I learned as in univ 111 when we did the unit project with ethos logos and pathos. My topic was separation at the boarder, so I learned how to change peoples minds on topics. I used pathos a lot in mine because it had to deal with family and I picked a picture that would accomplish this as well. It was cool the learn how news sources and articles manipulate people sometimes by using those three. Another project that stuck out to me when i learned a lot was my multi modal it was really cool to see how creative my class was with our projects, multi modals are so much better then a power point because the reader is actually engaged. Your aren’t just aren’t looking at and listening to a power point, the projects are tangible and just much more interactive making the experience more memorable for the reader/viewer.  Moving forward I’m just going to try to keep going on an upward trend and get batter and better at everything I have learned.


Socialism is not what america wants. Do we want to wait thirty plus days just to see a doctor? I sure don’t my family live under this sort of government in Canada where it isn’t even that bad and they had to wait months to get treatment. Do we want the government to run everything? I mean most people don’t even trust the government now and they don’t run everything and once they do then what. They would start to run everything from electricity and could even end up owning our food stores, they would be able to set the prices because they would have no competitors. So if the government gets greedy they could just raise the prices of bread or electricity and it would screw all of us. Another thing is the government could do is only give us what they think we need so if they think all we need, not what we want. It just isn’t fair for all the people to be run by the government. In our government now we are free and able to make different pay checks, Target wants good employees, so what did they do to accomplish that. They raised there minimum wage to 13 dollars. To compete beat out Walmart and all the rest. Also with our free market economy the price of things like gas, bread, and milk stay relatively low because there is so much competition. But once we take that competition away the prices can sky rocket to what ever the government wants it to be. Also, if we go socialist our taxes will rise like 50% and all the money will go to the government so they get to choose what happens to it not you. Many people think we should tax the rich so that the government can give it to the poor, but i see it as the rich get richer the poor get richer. The most rapid falls in poverty are happening in countries that have a free market like Colombia poverty down 1.7 percent and in Venezuela poverty is up 12 percent.  Therefore, I hope that the United States doesn’t turn in to a socialist country because it would just go down hill for all of us. The government should not run all the industry and they should not be aloud to choose the prices of goods and services. Greed is in human nature and if let the government officials choose prices they will most likely rise them for their own good not ours. If you think that socialism is a good idea look up how it is working out for other countries.


If there is a ship sinking and the seas are rough. All but one life boat has been destroyed. the life boat holds a maximum of five people. There are ten people that want to board the life boat. The five individuals who do not board the boat will certainly die. Who do you take here are the five choices. A woman who thinks she is six weeks pregnant, A lifeguard, two young adults who recently married, a senior citizen who has fifteen grandchildren, an elementary school teacher, a set of Thirteen year old twins, veteran nurse, and the captain of the ship. My picks would be the captain of the ship because he probably knows the water and directions so he could tell them were to go and make it home. The veteran nurse just in case someone gets sick or something of that sort. Also the veteran nurse might know about some way to get the navy or air force to see find them. The two young adults who recently got married because they would be good strength to power the life boat. The married couple also have a lot to live for in their future, like starting their family and stuff. The last person I would bring would be the lifeguard because he/she would be good man power for the boat and they probably have their whistle on them so they could blow it if a boat is near them. I think that group of people would live. The boat has all the man power it need to get it moving and a person that knows the ocean so we would be able to get to shore. The senior citizen has already had a nice long life so that is my reasoning on leaving him or her behind. The elementary school teacher really has nothing to bring to the table so that is why I left him/her. The woman who think she is six weeks pregnant doesn’t know for sure if she is six weeks and could be lying about it to get a spot on the boat so that’s why I choose so leave her. And for the thirteen year old twins, I know they have a long life ahead of them like the recently married couple but they aren’t as strong as the others and would not be use as much. That is my reasoning so, who would you bring and who would you leave behind and why?

Warm weather

Spring is here and along with it the trees are beginning to bloom and the warm weather is coming. It is getting us out of our winter sadness and is letting us enjoy the outdoor again. It is not totally warm yet but it is getting there. All the plants are starting to come back to life and with that they are bringing pollen, which is really the only down side to spring. This weekend I am going hiking in the Shenandoah and shad fishing. My girlfriend has wanted to go hiking all winter but I have kept pushing it off until it got a little warming and now we are going because it is going to be about 60 in the mountains this weekend. We will probably head up early Sunday morning hike up and chill there for a little maybe eat a snack and then head back down and home, it should end up being a really fun trip. On Sunday it is also supposed to be really clear, what I mean by that is a sunny day not overcast. So that will be nice having the sun to warm us up if we get cold. We plan on going shad fishing on Saturday I you don’t know shad are a pear colored fish that come up from the ocean every year to spawn. They come in the spring once the water has heated up a little. They come by the thousand. I catch them with a spoon and a sinker. I fish in front of the Southern States silos. There are usually a ton of people there, from people on 25 foot boats to just the average Joe on the bank. The shad aren’t even hungry when they bite they are just a very aggressive fish and get pissed when something is in their way.  So us spoons that are brightly colors or have a lot of shin to them, to get them to bite. Once the shad are here then the striped bass follow to eat them. Also the fish that are here year round eat them too like blue cats but not like the striped bass. To catch them take a big saltwater popper and just pop it across the surface and one should blow up on it. If not you can either get a big shad swim bait or catch a shad a cut him up in to pieces and use him as bait. But wait every you do, don’t use a female as bait because they are caring the next generation, you can tell they are a female by the inflated stomach. So that’s what spring is bringing me what is it bringing you?

Feeding the growing population

By 2050 we are going to need to feed two billion more people. we are going to have to change how we grow crops. Traditionally we simply cut down forest or plow through grasslands to make our farms. To date we have farm land that is equal to the land mass of South America. Furthermore, to raise livestock we have taken even more land about the size of Africa. This has caused the loss of entire ecosystems like the great plains in the us and rain forests across the globe but mostly in south america. Even though we have taken all of this land there are still people that are hungry about 850 million pretty hard to believe right. We are going to have to focus increasing yields on less productive farms, the farms that are in this category are in Africa, Latin America and eastern Europe where they do not have the advanced farming technology. The places where the yield gaps is very low, are where high-tech farming systems have been implicated. We have ways to achieve the high yields we want while also reducing the environmental impacts of nutrient pollution and the destruction of ecosystems. New innovations in water conservation and organic fertilizers are helping as well. The farming industry is finding amazing new ways to target the application of fertilizer and pesticides by using super advanced tractors and other farming equipment, with advanced sensors to test the ground and GPS so the farmers do not even have to drive them. Furthermore now farmers are customizing their blends of fertilizer so that they are tailored for there type of soils, in other words given the soil what it does not have. This helps minimize the runoff of fertilizer in to water ways, which cause toxic algae blooms that kill ecosystems. Also, dealing with water old surface irrigation, like what we see in Virginia’s tobacco country, is being replaced by subsurface drip irrigation systems which save a ton of water. It would be much easier to feed all the people of 2050 if more of what we grew ended up feeding people and not livestock. Today about 50 percent ends up going to people and the other 50 goes to animals, make bio fuels, and other industrial products. It is really inefficient to feed our livestock  for every 100 calories of feed we only get 12 from chicken, 10 from pork, and 3 from beef. We also need to cut down on our waste because someone else could eat the food that we throw away and let go bad every day. So we should be able to feed 9 billion or even 10 billion in the future if we just keep innovating.


Tattoos are embedded in to our culture, people have been getting them for hundreds of years. One factor that i think motivates people to get tattoos is to commemorate a loved one that they have lost. Emotion plays a big part when a loved one is lost and it motivates people to commemorate there loved one.  The tattoo serves as a memorial for the person who passed away. When someone significant to an individual passes away, that individual probably feels that they have lost the loved one forever. A tattoo however allows a person to commemorate a loved one and get a memorial on their skin and carry it around where every they go. While the loved one is gone, it brings him or her closer to the individual and it lets them know that the person really isn’t truly gone, that they are with them wherever they go.

Another factor that motivates people to get tattoos is individualization. A lot of people think that the human body is a template to embellish and make your own. When people get tattoos it is for their own reasons, so everyone is different. Some people think of tattoos as art. Also, people can design their own tattoo that no one else in the world has, just them. People can get tattoos in different places too. All of this making themselves stand out from the crowd. Making them different then everyone around them and showing their creativity. Also, many people get matching tattoos with a sibling, best friend, partner, or parent. Which links them together in a way that other things can’t.

The last main factor that i think motivates people to get tattoos is symbolism. Sometimes symbolism is used to affiliate someone with a group of people. For example, a lot of men and women in the armed forces get tattoos that symbolize what branch they were or are in. Furthermore, many get them to symbolize honor or remembrance of a fallen friends. Other tattoos that people get can symbols of what they fought to protect, like the American flag or an outline of the USA. Obviously, it’s not just military personnel. This can apply to everyone. People could be motivated get them to symbolize any hardship that they have faced, such as a battle with cancer. The significance of the tattoos is only known by the person who wears it. A popular one that many of my friends have is God is greater then my highs and lows.

West Virginia

The state of West Virginia what comes to mind. Probably the song by John Denver, West Virginia University or just hillbilly. But West Virginia is way different then most people think my Dads half of the family is from there so went there a lot as a kid. Kanawha city is where my grandparents lived it used to be a roaring industrial city with a ton of job opportunities and a lot more people. Kanawha city is located right on the Kanawha river, which is a tributary of the Ohio river. It is also right next to the capital city Charleston. Just last year the state lost 12,780 people. Furthermore, West Virginia already has one of the oldest populations and is growing older as young people are moving away especially those who are educated. The population of West Virginia is on the down fall because there are no jobs. Many coal mines have closed which many people used to worked for, the state’s unemployment rate is six percent. The state is also having an opioid epidemic. The opioid crisis is not good for many of the children in West Virginia. One of my family friends works in the education system and told us that the some of the kids have absolutely terrible home lives because their parents are addicted. The people of West Virginia are stuck in a rut that does not look like it is going to come out any time soon. The only real industry they have now other then coal is natural gas  and chemical plants which are spotted all along the river. Although they have some very beautiful state parks and some rich history which people travel there to see and learn about but that is not enough to save the state. To save the state they must diversify and expand their manufacturing base. Current plants could expand and attract suppliers and distributors to move in on or near plant sites like Toyota is doing. Also some new companies like Proctor & Gamble have already attracted additional related manufacturing, which is really good news. Chemical-makers, like DowDuPont, are also primed for investment, all made possible by the wealth of natural gas located in the state. Also, Dominion energy is in the process of making a pipeline from West Virginia and Pennsylvania down deep in to Virginia. Which will be being money to the natural gas producers in the state. I really hope that West Virginia can get out of their rut because it really is a nice state and I think has a lot opportunities for industry to come in.

What it is like to work at an auction

Working at an auction is awesome. The auction I work for is an online auction so you don’t know who you are biding against. Each bidder get assigned a bidder number they they type in online with a password to bid on items. We get all our items from consignors. As the pick through the consignors stuff to make sure it is all good and will sell we put their consignor’s number on it so that the item is linked to them when it sells. All of that happens in the back of the shop. Then we move the oldest stuff from the back to the front show room, so that it can be set up on tables and furniture set on the rugs. Every lot gets its picture taken so that it can be uploaded online. A lot could be anything from weed wacker to a whole china set. The photos are form multiple angles and show if something is broken. Most of our customers are very cool people, a whole mix of people some are lotto winners and some others do this for a living. The people who do it for a living buy items from us and then resell them for a higher price at flee markets or their own shops. We also get stuff that people buy from flee markets and hope that it gets a higher price at our auction. Probably the best part about working there is seen all the unique and odd items. We get coins from the 1800’s, we get old southern furniture that doesn’t come around often because most was burned during the civil war.  We get world war one and two metals, jackets, ammo crates etc.  One time we got a bunch of old swards from Asia that a collector had doubles of. We even get old Pokemon cards and you would be amazed at how much they go for.  We have auction off movie sets, where we literally get everything from the movie like costumes and every little prop. People actually got to buy something that they was in a show, I thought that was awesome. Another odd sale we had was a bunch off doll furniture, and doll houses. Let me just say people who are in to doll stuff have money to spend. People from all other the country we buying the little pieces of furniture for hundreds of dollars it was pretty unbelievable. Overall i love working for an auction company because you never know what you are gonna see come in next.