What it is like to work at an auction

Working at an auction is awesome. The auction I work for is an online auction so you don’t know who you are biding against. Each bidder get assigned a bidder number they they type in online with a password to bid on items. We get all our items from consignors. As the pick through the consignors stuff to make sure it is all good and will sell we put their consignor’s number on it so that the item is linked to them when it sells. All of that happens in the back of the shop. Then we move the oldest stuff from the back to the front show room, so that it can be set up on tables and furniture set on the rugs. Every lot gets its picture taken so that it can be uploaded online. A lot could be anything from weed wacker to a whole china set. The photos are form multiple angles and show if something is broken. Most of our customers are very cool people, a whole mix of people some are lotto winners and some others do this for a living. The people who do it for a living buy items from us and then resell them for a higher price at flee markets or their own shops. We also get stuff that people buy from flee markets and hope that it gets a higher price at our auction. Probably the best part about working there is seen all the unique and odd items. We get coins from the 1800’s, we get old southern furniture that doesn’t come around often because most was burned during the civil war.  We get world war one and two metals, jackets, ammo crates etc.  One time we got a bunch of old swards from Asia that a collector had doubles of. We even get old Pokemon cards and you would be amazed at how much they go for.  We have auction off movie sets, where we literally get everything from the movie like costumes and every little prop. People actually got to buy something that they was in a show, I thought that was awesome. Another odd sale we had was a bunch off doll furniture, and doll houses. Let me just say people who are in to doll stuff have money to spend. People from all other the country we buying the little pieces of furniture for hundreds of dollars it was pretty unbelievable. Overall i love working for an auction company because you never know what you are gonna see come in next.

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