Tattoos are embedded in to our culture, people have been getting them for hundreds of years. One factor that i think motivates people to get tattoos is to commemorate a loved one that they have lost. Emotion plays a big part when a loved one is lost and it motivates people to commemorate there loved one.  The tattoo serves as a memorial for the person who passed away. When someone significant to an individual passes away, that individual probably feels that they have lost the loved one forever. A tattoo however allows a person to commemorate a loved one and get a memorial on their skin and carry it around where every they go. While the loved one is gone, it brings him or her closer to the individual and it lets them know that the person really isn’t truly gone, that they are with them wherever they go.

Another factor that motivates people to get tattoos is individualization. A lot of people think that the human body is a template to embellish and make your own. When people get tattoos it is for their own reasons, so everyone is different. Some people think of tattoos as art. Also, people can design their own tattoo that no one else in the world has, just them. People can get tattoos in different places too. All of this making themselves stand out from the crowd. Making them different then everyone around them and showing their creativity. Also, many people get matching tattoos with a sibling, best friend, partner, or parent. Which links them together in a way that other things can’t.

The last main factor that i think motivates people to get tattoos is symbolism. Sometimes symbolism is used to affiliate someone with a group of people. For example, a lot of men and women in the armed forces get tattoos that symbolize what branch they were or are in. Furthermore, many get them to symbolize honor or remembrance of a fallen friends. Other tattoos that people get can symbols of what they fought to protect, like the American flag or an outline of the USA. Obviously, it’s not just military personnel. This can apply to everyone. People could be motivated get them to symbolize any hardship that they have faced, such as a battle with cancer. The significance of the tattoos is only known by the person who wears it. A popular one that many of my friends have is God is greater then my highs and lows.

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