Warm weather

Spring is here and along with it the trees are beginning to bloom and the warm weather is coming. It is getting us out of our winter sadness and is letting us enjoy the outdoor again. It is not totally warm yet but it is getting there. All the plants are starting to come back to life and with that they are bringing pollen, which is really the only down side to spring. This weekend I am going hiking in the Shenandoah and shad fishing. My girlfriend has wanted to go hiking all winter but I have kept pushing it off until it got a little warming and now we are going because it is going to be about 60 in the mountains this weekend. We will probably head up early Sunday morning hike up and chill there for a little maybe eat a snack and then head back down and home, it should end up being a really fun trip. On Sunday it is also supposed to be really clear, what I mean by that is a sunny day not overcast. So that will be nice having the sun to warm us up if we get cold. We plan on going shad fishing on Saturday I you don’t know shad are a pear colored fish that come up from the ocean every year to spawn. They come in the spring once the water has heated up a little. They come by the thousand. I catch them with a spoon and a sinker. I fish in front of the Southern States silos. There are usually a ton of people there, from people on 25 foot boats to just the average Joe on the bank. The shad aren’t even hungry when they bite they are just a very aggressive fish and get pissed when something is in their way.  So us spoons that are brightly colors or have a lot of shin to them, to get them to bite. Once the shad are here then the striped bass follow to eat them. Also the fish that are here year round eat them too like blue cats but not like the striped bass. To catch them take a big saltwater popper and just pop it across the surface and one should blow up on it. If not you can either get a big shad swim bait or catch a shad a cut him up in to pieces and use him as bait. But wait every you do, don’t use a female as bait because they are caring the next generation, you can tell they are a female by the inflated stomach. So that’s what spring is bringing me what is it bringing you?

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  1. I only find joy in the winter months because of the holidays and my birthday being around that time. However, the weather being cold gives me severe seasonal depression. I’m very thin, so I’m easily cold all the time. Cringing from the cold very time I walk outside is near enjoyable, as well as it being so dark all the time. I also like having the sun because I can dress how I want to without having to bundle up in puffy jackets. I’m clearly a person who thrives off of the sun . Spring for me is a reminder that I’m almost done with this semester of school. It also brings me the sun and all the joy that comes from that.

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