If there is a ship sinking and the seas are rough. All but one life boat has been destroyed. the life boat holds a maximum of five people. There are ten people that want to board the life boat. The five individuals who do not board the boat will certainly die. Who do you take here are the five choices. A woman who thinks she is six weeks pregnant, A lifeguard, two young adults who recently married, a senior citizen who has fifteen grandchildren, an elementary school teacher, a set of Thirteen year old twins, veteran nurse, and the captain of the ship. My picks would be the captain of the ship because he probably knows the water and directions so he could tell them were to go and make it home. The veteran nurse just in case someone gets sick or something of that sort. Also the veteran nurse might know about some way to get the navy or air force to see find them. The two young adults who recently got married because they would be good strength to power the life boat. The married couple also have a lot to live for in their future, like starting their family and stuff. The last person I would bring would be the lifeguard because he/she would be good man power for the boat and they probably have their whistle on them so they could blow it if a boat is near them. I think that group of people would live. The boat has all the man power it need to get it moving and a person that knows the ocean so we would be able to get to shore. The senior citizen has already had a nice long life so that is my reasoning on leaving him or her behind. The elementary school teacher really has nothing to bring to the table so that is why I left him/her. The woman who think she is six weeks pregnant doesn’t know for sure if she is six weeks and could be lying about it to get a spot on the boat so that’s why I choose so leave her. And for the thirteen year old twins, I know they have a long life ahead of them like the recently married couple but they aren’t as strong as the others and would not be use as much. That is my reasoning so, who would you bring and who would you leave behind and why?

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  1. I completely agree with your picks! The lifeguard and veteran nurse would be crucial because they could provide medical attention to others on the lifeboat. The captain is very important for navigation and signals to other ships for rescue. Choosing between the married couple and the woman who thinks she is 6 weeks pregnant was hard but I thought about how it says that she “thinks” she is, and if she was she wouldn’t be able to do too much physical activity to help out, because there might be other injuries to her baby. So the married couple is the best option.

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