Socialism is not what america wants. Do we want to wait thirty plus days just to see a doctor? I sure don’t my family live under this sort of government in Canada where it isn’t even that bad and they had to wait months to get treatment. Do we want the government to run everything? I mean most people don’t even trust the government now and they don’t run everything and once they do then what. They would start to run everything from electricity and could even end up owning our food stores, they would be able to set the prices because they would have no competitors. So if the government gets greedy they could just raise the prices of bread or electricity and it would screw all of us. Another thing is the government could do is only give us what they think we need so if they think all we need, not what we want. It just isn’t fair for all the people to be run by the government. In our government now we are free and able to make different pay checks, Target wants good employees, so what did they do to accomplish that. They raised there minimum wage to 13 dollars. To compete beat out Walmart and all the rest. Also with our free market economy the price of things like gas, bread, and milk stay relatively low because there is so much competition. But once we take that competition away the prices can sky rocket to what ever the government wants it to be. Also, if we go socialist our taxes will rise like 50% and all the money will go to the government so they get to choose what happens to it not you. Many people think we should tax the rich so that the government can give it to the poor, but i see it as the rich get richer the poor get richer. The most rapid falls in poverty are happening in countries that have a free market like Colombia poverty down 1.7 percent and in Venezuela poverty is up 12 percent.  Therefore, I hope that the United States doesn’t turn in to a socialist country because it would just go down hill for all of us. The government should not run all the industry and they should not be aloud to choose the prices of goods and services. Greed is in human nature and if let the government officials choose prices they will most likely rise them for their own good not ours. If you think that socialism is a good idea look up how it is working out for other countries.

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