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As I go through all of my assignments from this year I can see that I have grown a lot in the study. An example of this is with the blogs at the beginning of this semester when Prof. G told us about the blog I was like, NO.  But I actually grew to like them and now I can write them with much more ease  compared to the beginning of the semester. I have been back to look at my essays from last semester and they are decent but I just know so much more about good sources and overall just how to make a paper good from class and going to office hours. If you haven’t been to office hours yet I highly recommend it Prof. G knows so much it is incredible how much you can get done in there in 10 min just by asking questions. As I am going back and reflecting, I can see that I am more creative and more abstract, like not doing it the same as I would have in high school. My learning has taken place by doing like in my blogs and in my unit projects. I have learned by trail and error like with drafts, the first one is never going to be like your final because you are always going to have to change aspects of it. One of the things that stuck out to me that I learned as in univ 111 when we did the unit project with ethos logos and pathos. My topic was separation at the boarder, so I learned how to change peoples minds on topics. I used pathos a lot in mine because it had to deal with family and I picked a picture that would accomplish this as well. It was cool the learn how news sources and articles manipulate people sometimes by using those three. Another project that stuck out to me when i learned a lot was my multi modal it was really cool to see how creative my class was with our projects, multi modals are so much better then a power point because the reader is actually engaged. Your aren’t just aren’t looking at and listening to a power point, the projects are tangible and just much more interactive making the experience more memorable for the reader/viewer.  Moving forward I’m just going to try to keep going on an upward trend and get batter and better at everything I have learned.

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  1. I feel as if UNIV 111 and 112 have taught me a variety of different things in my first two semesters at college. I have learned to be more expressive in my discussions with my classmates compared to high school and I feel as if a very important cause to this is the small class size. With larger college classes, not many people talk much and everyone seems to be focused on their work. I am much favorable towards smaller classes where communication is open and things flow at a smaller pace, while we still learn the same amount of material compared to larger classes. Overall, the small class size of UNIV 111 and 112 has made me more comfortable at college.

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