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My grandmother’s house, is one of those places where time doesn’t matter but also where time goes by too fast. They lived on a half acre lot on the Kanawha river. Which you can imagine was so fun when I was a little kid. We would go up on weekends and cut a path down to the river because it would get overgrown fast. at the bottom there was a sandbar, and a giant city sewer drain pouring out water. The drain was about 10 feet in diameter and ran straight through the city to the other side, I never went in it but my dad and his friend went all the way to the other side once. So i would go fishing down there and catch carp, catfish and mudpuppys. Mudpuppys are giant salamanders. In the front yard there were a few giant oak trees and some ceders too. The coolest trees were two weeping cherries, really beautiful trees. They had a half paved half gravel drive way because it was shared with some the rich people next door. Every afternoon about an hour before dusk, all the buzzards and vultures from the city and beyond would come and sleep in the neighbors trees. The inside of the house was old fashion, and very homey. They had wool carpet, that was worn in most places but behind doors and next to furniture where no one walked it was like brand new. Some of the softest stuff ever, like standing on a cloud of fluff. The house had one of those creepy basements too, but we would still play down there all the time, in the basement they had a giant safe where they kept money from their store way back. The safe had nothing in it then but it was still really cool. The garage was the same way had a bunch of cool stuff in it. The rest of the house was normal with bed rooms upstairs, and living space down stairs. Eventually we moved my grandparents bed down stairs because they couldn’t go up and down the stairs as easy. It was a really nice place. After both of my grandparents pasted away we sold the property to the neighbors. We knew it would sell well because the economy of West Virginia. The neighbors kept all the doors and shingles and windows and tore down the rest. Now there is a giant garage where the house once stood. They did keep the flag pole and all the trees so that makes it a little better. If you have a place like this feel free to share below.

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful place! Use this time to de-stress and refocus on your school work. I know it can be tough to find somewhere that isn’t stressing students out, but you have such a beautiful place to relax at. When I was younger I lived in Florida and the beaches there always helped me calm down and refocus on what’s really important. Even if this is a short weekend you can still make the most out of it! Have a great time and happy Easter.

  2. Reading this made me think of my family’s mountain house in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. The house was shared between my grandfather and his two brothers and it has been passed down for years. I was only at the house once a year during our family reunion every August. We never seem to remember the exact date the reunion started, but we always guess it was between 1995-1997. Our reunion was called the “Clam Bake” and it was the thing I looked forward to the most every summer because I loved being with my grandfather’s side of the family in the Poconos. The house was very small and very old, but genuinely one of my favorite places to be. It was so calming yet fun and crazy at the same time. It is perched on top of hill, that all the kids (and some of the adults) would roll down, and had a lake you could see from the porch. It sadly is on the market now because as everyone is getting older, we do not have enough time or money to keep up with it. It broke my heart when I was informed it was getting sold. I will forever remember our house on Wynooska Rd and all the amazing memories I made there.

  3. Hi! Your blog really allowed me envision your grandparent’s house and it sure does look fun. You must have had a wonderful childhood, as you kept all your memories of it intact as one. I can definitely relate to you when you said that “time doesn’t exist” at grandma’s house. My grandma’s house is by far one of my favorite places as I was there most of my childhood. My cousins and I would play outside all day whenever we were there, and were even friends with the neighborhood kids. We even were allowed to play with her neighbor’s dog, Charlie and Buzz! The backyard had a garden full of vegetables my grandma was growing as well as a little shack where my cousins and I would pretend a monster lived in there. Sometimes my imaginations got too wild and I would end up being scared to go close to it. One of the biggest memories I have at my grandma’s house, was when my cousin and I were sledding at this big neighborhood hill and there was this huge bump at the end of it where it was meant to show sledders where need to stop. I was going full speed and completely forgot that the bump was there, which resulted in me flying over that hill full speed and crashing down onto the neighborhood road face first. I sprained my wrist pretty bad and got a big scratch on my forehead, but it was surely one of the most fun sledding experience ever.

  4. Growing up I made so many memories in my grandparents’ houses that I will never forget. It seems like you have done the same. The house you described sounds so amazing and cozy. It reminds me of my grandmother’s house in Roanoke because she has rooms filled with old antiques from when she grew up and when her kids grew up. It honestly feels like I’m in another world when I visit there. I’m sorry to hear that your grandmother’s house was torn down and replaced with a garage but I’m sure the memories you have will stay with you forever.

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