The Government can’t stop pollution

People need to realize that the government can’t  do everything. We can’t rely on the them to put for regulations. We have to do stuff ourselves to make stuff happen. We can just say oh the government should pay for this or the government will take care of pollution for example. The government is slow moving its a bunch of people punching papers around. In the case of pollution many people say that the government need to regulate what companies can make and what not but that will probably not happen because the big companies pay the government lots of money. So we have to hold each other accountable for stuff, throwing cigarette butts out the window, or juul pods on the side walk. We say we aren’t like the generations before us but we really don’t act any different, a bunch of us litter, a bunch of us smoke, and a bunch of us don’t care about the earth. I just heard recently that recycling that has been shipped to china has stopped because our recycling is not pure enough. Therefore a lot of our recycling has gone straight to a landfill, we need to make sure that when we throw something in recycling it can in fact be recycled. In Sacramento last year they had to cut back on what they could pick up curb side because too many people were recycling. I mean sounds like a good thing to me more people recycling but the recycling companies don’t have enough plants to process it all so the send the rest to a landfill. We need to buy more recycled things to give incentives for companies to build more recycling plants. Vans is a big company that takes there old shoes and makes then in to new stuff like park benches. Patagonia, makes some of there products from only recycled materials. Many other companies make paper and plastic materials from recycled stuff. We need to support these companies because they buy there recycled material from recycling companies which make the plants. And that is how we will make the incentives to make more plants so out recycling doesn’t end up in landfills. Also, guys if you are still reading this please don’t litter, and if you see some litter just pick it up and throw it away sometimes. Also, VCU says we are like a green campus but i really doing think we are that green so much plastic being used when it could be replaced with plant made materials, also VCU should take advantage of all the vertical space and make like wall gardens because there are so many just plain brick walls around VCU. We could set an example for other Universities and companies to do the same. All of this land used to be a forest so this would be a good way to get extra toxins out of the air and replace them with clean oxygen. So if you ever are taking a survey telling VCU what we want don’t way tall bikes or something like that, say green spaces because it will help the greater good.

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  1. I agree in terms of what you said about the government. People have that mindset that everything that is good or bad happens because of government. It can be sometimes but it’s not always the case. We as people need to care and show it through actions by planting trees, reducing energy as well as supporting companies that use recycled products to encourage them. A lot of people don’t see it but if we the people really want to stop polluting without really hurting ourselves we can do it.

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