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This week’s poetry discussion was really engaging, since not only did I get to be creative, but also got to see what everyone else took from the same basic information. The word limit was also very nice, since the restriction helped me from feeling overwhelmed, while forcing me to be as concise as possible.

Saiara’s was very rich in imagery, which attracted me to it from the start:

“The persona of my poem depicts a playful character imagining herself in outer space, dancing, living a fantasy of bliss in her mind.”

This poem just feels very beautiful. The simplicity of the wording and the scattering of the words gives a very hazy, but light mood. We don’t know who “she” is, and the only information we have about the speaker is that they are observing her, but nevertheless it manages to illustrate a very otherworldly scene.

KAT’s was also very interesting in terms of arrangement. They described the persona as:

“The persona of my poem is a young person who is having thoughts about how “adults”  prefer to compromise in order to stay in their comfort zone.”

Here, the commentary is split in two sections, the top being more focused on the younger perspective, the bottom on the older perspective. There is also a divide in the diction used, since the top uses words like “provocative” and “never extinguishing”, while the bottom describes the adult as “unscathed” but also “unhappy.” I think that this helps to emphasize the meaning of the poem and the differences between the two perspectives.

I feel like Iyana’s took advantage of the fragmented and sparse nature of the medium. She described the piece as: “the persona that I attached to this poem is someone who’s has heavy conspiracy vines but also technological like an analyst. Who goes to the facts of things instead of human emotion. This was interesting and I tried many forms but this one stuck.” 

The technical, analytical tone is almost entirely due to the conciseness of the text and the word choice. When I read it, I took it as a reflection on one’s childhood. The speaker seems to be reflecting on how the “downloaded data” of their childhood was “broken by likes.” I think that this could be a metaphor for memory and how our experiences are shaped by the reactions of those around us.




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