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Before I got involved with this online class, I was one of those Richmonders that was planning on using the bike race as an excuse to leave town and go on vacation. However, my plans changed and I ended up staying in RVA. I’m ultimately really happy I decided to participate in this class because it encouraged me to get involved. For a while, I didn’t fully understand how big of a deal this event was actually going to be. I don’t follow bicycling and I don’t know anyone who follows bicycling. So I had trouble wrapping my head around how impressive it was for Richmond to be hosting. In the beginning, all I knew about the UCI Championships was that it was going to get me out of school for a week.

Once the fall semester came about, I quickly learned that the Championships was much much more than just an early fall break for VCU students. Taking this course motivated me to witness the events taking place and I gained a lot appreciation for it all. I learned about all the preparation that went into planning for the race and how huge the bike race actually is in the bicycling community. Not only that, but I got to meet interesting people and be a part of history. All in all, I’m really glad VCU decided to use the UCI Championships as a learning opportunity for students.


Road Circuit Training day 9/24/15 #TheWorldsatVCU

It’s definitely an exciting week in RVA as the worlds have literally come together smack-dab in the middle of VCU campus. Today was the last training day for the UCI Road World Championships before the races officially begin on Friday at 10am with the Women’s Junior Road Circuit. If you haven’t made it out to see these bicyclists in action yet, this weekend is the time to finally do so! History is being made in Richmond this week and it’s certainly an event you don’t want to miss! Be sure to follow for event details, times, and courses.

Here are some pictures from today’s UCI Road Circuit Training

Photo credit: Me and my trusty iPhone 4s

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12026535_10208028986465229_1806632737_n       12026687_10208028986625233_161429850_n

12029060_10208028986385227_1330522341_n       12029062_10208028899463054_1078221101_n

12030752_10208028897863014_606558481_n       12030890_10208028974104920_381733341_n

12030936_10208028963544656_2016300265_n       12030961_10208028963624658_2000297204_n

12032551_10208028969744811_818114057_n       12032551_10208028970304825_403488191_n

12032568_10208028969864814_1108889530_n       12032589_10208028963904665_1543775941_n

12033292_10208028899383052_1039254513_n       12033324_10208028974144921_69185530_n

12033646_10208028963584657_2001636432_n       12041679_10208028896622983_361325172_n

12041889_10208028973784912_468779297_n       12041950_10208028974224923_1865502424_n

12041973_10208028899023043_977773303_n       12042121_10208028970024818_1987775554_n

12042187_10208028973824913_2070344782_n       12042251_10208028973904915_1256484397_n

12047403_10208028898223023_577656613_n       12047413_10208028899143046_1262394670_n

12047709_10208028970184822_187772043_n       12048991_10208028963704660_666547947_n

12064116_10208028969664809_823904318_n       12064133_10208028986665234_288419292_n

Meet Antonio Pingitore – He’s pretty cool


Name: Antonio Pingitore

Hometown: Buena Vista, Colorado

Occupation: Retired/“Trying to maintain my 14 year old body”

Antonio Pingitore traveled approximately 1,746 miles by RV to Richmond Virginia solely for the UCI Road World Championships. He’s of Italian descent, born and raised in Chicago but is currently from Buena Vista Colorado, and has a passion for bicycle racing. He’s followed racing for the past 40 years and at 74.5 years young, that’s over half his life. He raced for a long time, but now only rides for fitness. Not only is Antonio an avid bicyclist, but for 25 years he had also competed in Nordic Ski racing competitions. When asked what his occupation is, he responded, “trying to maintain my 14-year-old body.” And with his intense bicycling and fitness habits, I’d say he’s definitely doing the job! But before retiring, Antonio lived a life of service as a firefighter and in the U.S. Navy. Furthermore, he was also a master electrician for 45 years. Even though we only spoke for a moment, I had the greatest pleasure meeting Antonio and hearing about his love for bicycling. He’s excited to explore Richmond, but is of course even more excited for the week ahead.

Richmond 2015

Hello World!

Hi! I’m Lauren, an RVA native and senior at VCU studying Strategic Advertising in the Mass Communications department. I signed up for this course as a way to dip my toes in journalism a bit, and with the world coming to RVA for the bike race, it seemed like an exciting time to take this class!

Outside of academics, I’m heavily involved with my sorority on campus, have a deep love for theater and the arts, volunteer with a local nonprofit, and work as a nanny after school during the week. Fairly recently, I was a social media intern for a non-profit and scholarship program called Project Yellow Light and am excited to dive into the social networking portion of this course!

I’m definitely not a bicyclist and haven’t owned a bike since the 10th grade. So with that said, my bicycling knowledge is next to none, but I’m looking forward to learning about the culture of it as the UCI Road World Championships come to good old RVA.

As far as social media goes: I use Instagram and Facebook on the regular, I use Twitter to lurk on various accounts, have dabbled on Tumblr, wasted many hours on Pinterest, and use Snapchat to send my friends generally embarrassing and rather unimportant pictures.

Cheers to a fun semester with Crowdsourcing the Worlds in RVA!

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