Storify + final thoughts 

Before I got involved with this online class, I was one of those Richmonders that was planning on using the bike race as an excuse to leave town and go on vacation. However, my plans changed and I ended up staying in RVA. I’m ultimately really happy I decided to participate in this class because it encouraged me to get involved. For a while, I didn’t fully understand how big of a deal this event was actually going to be. I don’t follow bicycling and I don’t know anyone who follows bicycling. So I had trouble wrapping my head around how impressive it was for Richmond to be hosting. In the beginning, all I knew about the UCI Championships was that it was going to get me out of school for a week.

Once the fall semester came about, I quickly learned that the Championships was much much more than just an early fall break for VCU students. Taking this course motivated me to witness the events taking place and I gained a lot appreciation for it all. I learned about all the preparation that went into planning for the race and how huge the bike race actually is in the bicycling community. Not only that, but I got to meet interesting people and be a part of history. All in all, I’m really glad VCU decided to use the UCI Championships as a learning opportunity for students.