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Royal Domestic Violence

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Royal Domestic Violence

An artist, Saint Hoax has created a new campaign called “Happily Never After”. It is a series of beatened and bloody Disney Princesses that includes: Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. The caption on these posters states “When did he stop treating you like a Princess? It’s never too late to put an end to it.” Hoax created this as an awareness campaign to all women who have been victims of domestic violence. It is meant to encourage victims to report to the authorities so that these problems won’t be repeated again.

This campaign is not meant to scare little girls into seeing gory pictures of their favorite Disney characters, but it is focused towards the adult women that grew up watching these Princesses. Almost all little girls obsessed over the Princesses and Prince Charming and the wonderful happily ever after fairy tale that happens at the end. Little girls dream of marrying a Prince Charming and being treated like royalty, but does that always happen? No. There are so many women in this world that face domestic violence and continue to stay in the detrimental relationship. As shocking as these posters were to me, I can’t imagine how much of an eye opener it would be for someone who actually is a victim of this ongoing problem. To see your favorite Princess in the same predicament as you, and the caption itself promotes self confidence and courage.

Domestic violence remains at a high percentage and is still a problem all over the world. Many places it may be culturally accepted. It is a kind of power that uses hard tactics and irrational reasoning to not only physically abuse someone, but mentally. This campaign brings awareness to deviance and taking social/self control of one’s own life and gaining it back. The inequality of many relationships are becoming a big problem as women are becoming more powerful in society. It is time for change, and this domestic violence social movement/awareness is a great step in doing so. Great job, Saint Hoax.

Submitted by Daniella Pizarro