If it was my family…

Firstly, this is crazy.  If that were your family member, would you just walk away?  I often think of society and it’s view about involvement in others’ business. How far will we take the statement, “Mind your own business”?  Our society has gotten so caught up in sticking to ourselves, that we don’t even see that we are killing ourselves.  Think of it, only for a second, in child rearing.  So many people/families are against teachers disciplining students––let alone the parents actually disciplining them.  Back in the day, people took care of people, neighbors knew neighbors, there were more communities, rather than separated homes.  Change was made.  Now, people are so focused on themselves and still expect to see something change.  How lucky is the one against millions?

Anyway, my point is that I think this selfish focus feeds into Simmel’s idea of Blasé.  People have gotten so used to focusing on them, where they’re going, and what they have to do, that we don’t notice others around.  Homeless or not, immigrant or not, people like Mr. Tale-Yax are humans.  We have so many stimuli (jobs, technology, family, personal hobbies, etc.) that we pay no attention, or have gotten used to ignoring everything else around us.  For example, lovely VCU students who get so caught up in their damn phones and conversations (excuse my language), and don’t see the car that has the right-of-way.  If I’m the driver, I might just hit the student to give them a more impactful stimuli.  Nevertheless, I think Simmel would see the same.  He might, in fact, be overwhelmed with how passive we are to the things around us.

One thought on “If it was my family…”

  1. Cymone,

    When I think of Simmel and the sense of Blase, I usually think of his references to larger cities and hoards of people walking down the city street, too overwhelmed from a sensory perspective to process anyone (much less everyone) else walking by. That being said, you make a great point!

    What if Simmel were alive today….do you think his definition of the blase would extend to our immersion into technology? We are liberated in some ways by technology, but yet it traps us as well and deprives of what makes us feel connected and human.

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