I was thinking about our society and how we judge right from wrong.  To go along with the flow, what really sparked my attention was the constant discussion of Ferguson and Mr. Garner.  I thought back to our discussion about Foucault–specifically regarding practices of power.  If it is not obvious to you, hopefully I can shed some perspective.

Many of these people in authority are getting away with murder.  Why?  Because “power is insidious”.  The dominant culture has established that the murder of minorities was okay since since slavery.  Take a look.  Black man kills a white man, as self defense, he faces death or life in prison.  White man takes life of black man, he gets trial (or nah) or a fine.  The white man still has his life.

We have gone on in this world thinking we equally participate in the use of our laws and rules.  But, that is a facade.  We are simply adhering to the dominant ideology.  TOM FOOLERY!!!  This idea is by no means limited to race inequality.  But, hopefully, there is some further in depth understanding of how deeply rooted our corruption lies.  If we put our history next to our present, how different would our rules, governance, and structure appear?


Disclaimer: I mean no offense, but only to give perspective.

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