About the Canterbury tales

Honestly when I first signed up for this class, I thought we’d be reading Shakespeare and I wouldnt understand a word of the english he used. Well we got the Canterbury tales instead and this english is worse but somehow better than that of Shakespeare? One glance at it and I assume it’s a different language but I read it and I realise, “wow im much better at reading and english than I thought!”. I feel a lot of pride in being able to understand the Canterbury tales. But that’s beside the point.

I probably would’ve never read this on my own and now that we’re reading it in class I,’m actually really happy about it. I didn’t expect it to be the type of tale where people just go in a circle and tell stories. Instead of being immersed in a world, we’re hearing about other people’s experiences, including the experiences of my girl: the Wife of Bath. Out of all the characters we’ve read in these stories, I relate to her alot. Manipulate men AND point out the flaws in the logic of religious leaders? it’s a dream life. Imagine getting married five times too, what a wild ride! A person from Chaucer’s time seems like he would hate her but seeing as I, the reader, was unsure of Chaucer’s opinion on her, I guess she had some points in his eyes.

I’ll see you all next week.

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